Holiday River offers a two and three-day trip on the Colorado just upstream of Moab that takes rafters by theGuide on Oars with Youth towering red rock Fisher Towers formation set against the green hues of the La Sal Mountains.  Children especially enjoy this trip with exhilarating Class I to Class III rapids set against a dramatic backdrop used by Hollywood producers.

The Fisher Towers are soaring sandstone monoliths viewed from the Colorado River – standing as ancient, petrified skyscrapers reaching into the azure sky. The brightly colored desert brick-red sandstone creates the appearance of a pre-historic city lingering on the edge of the horizon.


Colorado River Youth KayakingThis breathtaking journey deep into the heart of Utah’s wilderness is an excellent learning experience for children of all ages. Unplugged from society’s network of video games and Facebook, kids focus on nature, eachother and the beauty of the river. The importance of “leave no footprint” is taught so they understand how preserving these amazing sites for future generations is a vital necessity.

This trip meets at the famous Dewey Bridge, known for calm waters and is an excellent habitat for Golden and Bald Eagles, Snowy Egret and Great Blue Heron. Children will be awed by the presence of these majestic, rugged birds in their airborne pursuit of prey.

We will camp at the Sierra La Sal and Fisher Tower natural geological formations offering views of peaks in the La Sal mountains rising to almost 13,000 feet above sea level. This area is popular for colorful desert sunsets and sunrises – many comparing the vivid colors to masterful strokes against a canvas. The colors merge with such clarity and strength, that visitors cannot help but be impressed by the beauty of nature’s precise brushstrokes.

The second day explores Castle Rock and Priest-and-Nuns formations as well as the Salt Wash located by Arches National Park. Children will also experience Class II white water raftingRiver Swimming on Utah Rafting Trips during this leg of the trip.

Children learn to appreciate their surroundings, the calls of the native wildlife and enjoy the sparse natural habitat. Instilling an appreciation of the great outdoors when kids are young can lead to a lifelong love affair with nature’s spectacular adrenaline-rushing beauty and an enduring desire to return.