Today’s Feedback Friday is all about the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park

Enjoying Mother Earth

Photo from: Leifing Las Vegas

Teresa Owens  ~ Las Vegas, NV

My White Rim Trip exceeded all expectations! I wrote about my experience on my Blog – Leifing Las Vegas. I’m doing this again! Soon! You guys were amazing, the food was great, the guides were knowledgeable, professional, and fun, and mother earth was a FANTASTIC hostess…You can read from the link above and if you want to post it to your blog, you are welcome to.

4-day White Rim Trail Mountain Biking Trip



Tim & Lois Downing ~ Boulder, CO

Tammy was our go to for all our questions. Materials were detailed and complete.  Holiday guides have always been excellent; personal, informative and great cooks!  I think that we would have like to do a 3 day White Rim Trip; don’t know if that is an option? We are strong cyclists and would have liked to have more time in the saddle. I’m wondering if there is a way to grade trips so that like ability riders are grouped. We look forward to trying another trip with Holiday!

4-day White Rim Trail Mountain Biking Trip


Mary Vavrik ~ Anchorage, AK

Karen Johnson from your office helped our group.   Guides were fun and helpful, food was excellent!  Great Trip! Excellent Weather! Fantastic Food and fun guides! The biking was tons of fun, with just enough challenge to keep me humble!

3-day White Rim Trail Mountain Biking Trip with the Alaska Dirt Divas


Steven Swindell ~ Hingham, MA

Karen helped us set up our trip, guides Kerry and Sam were awesome!  The White Rim mountain bike trip is soul cleansing, inspirational, and full of epic scenery around every corner, with just enough technical riding and climbing for both the avid and novice rider to enjoy.

3-day White Rim Trail Mountain Biking Trip

Greg Netland ~ Boxford, MA

Karen was great! Our guide Kerry was fantastic!  Sam did great for his first time out! Food was excellent!  White rim trail trip with Holiday was exceptional! I was able to enjoy the challenge of the riding and to experience the grandeur of Canyonlands , all while having a top notch support team ensuring seamless transitions, great food, and help if I needed it.

3-day White Rim Trail Mountain Biking Trip

* Greg and Steven were our bike trip with a group of friends for a college reunion.  Check out this awesome video their friend Gib made and posted on YouTube ~ White Rim of Canyonlands: Mountain Biking Trip

Mother Earth was a fantastic hostess

Photo from: Leifing Las Vegas


Jennifer Gilmore Sturdevant ~ Sun City, CA

Tammy and Karen both helped us from your office, guides were Dave and Justin.   As always, the guides were knowledgeable and friendly.  Even the drivers are friendly! I brought four female friends on this ride, with varying levels of mountain bike experience and ability. One woman had never camped before, nor ridden a mountain bike, and had a fear of heights! But this was on her bucket list and she is fit and strong. It was a tough intro–riding down Schafer Trail the first morning, but she did it and Dave was very encouraging and helpful.

The first night we had a wild wind and sandstorm just after we crawled into our tents–this was her first night ever camping! After that trial by fire, the trip went more smoothly, the weather cooperating, and everyone falling in love with the majesty of Canyonlands. One other of our crew was a Southern Utah “virgin” and throughout the ride, she pimped Dave and Justin for information–on geography, campsites, cooking, etc. This was a great bonding trip for us five women–and the lone male cyclist! The guides always made sure we were all comfortable whenever possible. Mother Earth did not disappoint in her beauty. On the drive home to SoCal, talk had already turned to next year–which ride, which month. But no question as to who with–Holiday, of course!

4-day White Rim Trail Mountain Biking