Jan, Bryan, Sean & Jake

Dear Dee,

It had been 18 years since my first Cataract Canyon rafting trip and 8 years since my last trip; both with Holiday River Expeditions. My return to Cataract Canyon on a 6 day trip on August 3rd; this time with my sons, Bryan and Sean, and son-in-law, Jake, was not a disappointment.

This experience fulfilled every hope; every fond memory and exceeded every expectation.

I am a seasoned traveler, having enjoyed tours and expeditions through the backcountry and wilderness of New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, Central America, Africa, and much of the Southwest and Northwest United States.


The Cataract Canyon River Guide Team, led by Dave and consisting of Ben, Rocky and Lena, enriched the experience of the natural grandeur and majesty of the Colorado River as it wound its way through the canyons into Lake Powell. As a senior executive with many years of team building, I was impressed with the collaboration and outstanding performance of this team. They were professional, educated, skillful; and above all, sensitive and caring about the needs of their guests.  Their efforts elevated a life experience to even greater heights and they will not soon be forgotten by those of us who were fortunate enough to have spent time with them.

DSC00021Dee, your influence, teachings, and guidance can be felt in many ways. The care and maintenance of equipment, attention to safety, discussions about nature and interpretations of early life on the river, and techniques of meal preparation, are but a few.

Holiday River Expeditions is more than a business; more than an adventure; more than a respite for nature seekers. It is your legacy, which will touch many on a physical and spiritual level for many years.


I believe success in life is measured; not by wealth, power or fame, but by the impact we have on others. By this measure, you are a very successful man.

I encourage you to share this letter (or any portion of it) with the members of your entire staff and others, so they may see how, in one man’s opinion, you have succeeded in accomplishing what I believe has been a personal goal for you – to enable others to enjoy, appreciate and respect the river environment.

Jan Scott Beck

Former Senior Vice President, Inc. of ADT; President of Star Capital Corp. and the Turbary Group and Executive Vice President of Communications, International, Inc.