Yampa River Rafting in a Paddle RaftOn Our Yampa River Trip We Felt Safe and Had Lots of Fun

The River Bags were good, a little rushed on the switch over from biking to rafting so did not get everything into the raft bags, but it all worked out. The guides were very nice to let my daughter use their sleeping pad. The guides are quite good. I enjoyed biking with Josh. I wish the camping sites had been reserved for the biking portion, as Ben had to search for a place to stay. It worked out, but we were lucky. The meals are good and well organized. Your guides are very good. On our Yampa trip we felt safe, had lots of fun, and were well cared for by the staff.

Thanks, Bob Stroheker

Please share this photo with Josh and Ben, and let Brian know that whenever I see a prairie dog I will always think of him. many thanks, Bob S.