Guests relax on raft on Yampa

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Holiday River Expeditions offers a variety of adventures from white water rafting to mountain biking and everything in between. White water rafting trips are the main adventure and you can expect to spend between four to seven hours per day on the river, however, there is plenty of opportunity for side hikes on these trips. Several mountain bike tours are also available. There are trips that combine sports to make for added thrills and adventure.

White water rafting is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors. You can sit back and relax on an oar raft or get into the action by participating in a paddle raft. While navigating rapids, you also can take in the scenery for miles as you travel down the river. Holiday River Expeditions offers white water rafting on the Colorado, Utah, and Idaho rivers. You can also journey through the Grand Canyon by river raft!


White Rim OverlookHoliday River Expeditions offers five different mountain biking tours. These range from two to five-day trips and vary in skill level from beginner to expert.  The San Rafael Swell & Yampa Bench both offer energetic beginner-level terrain.  The White Rim Trail and Moab La Sal Mountain Loop are intermediate levels and the Maze offers the most challenge.  There are steep grades and loose gravel on all of the bike rides,  so you’ll want to maneuver safely and carefully in those types of conditions.  You can bring your own mountain bike or rent a bike from Holiday River Expeditions.  Bike rentals are $240 for the entire trip.


white water KayakerIf you are an experienced white water rafter, you can take the six-day kayaking workshop for another outdoor adventure. You must be at least sixteen years old to participate and in excellent fit condition. The kayaking school does not require any previous kayaking experience although you might find a pool class helpful prior to this workshop just to get the feel of things;  Rapid Progression Kayaking School teaches you everything you need to know to become a capable kayaker. In addition, inflatable kayaks are available for use on most white water rafting trips if you should choose to try them out.

Desert BeachWith all of the outdoor adventures Holiday River Expeditions provides, it is easy to see why its trips would be a veritable treasure trove for the outdoor enthusiast. White water rafting, mountain biking, kayaking, and hiking are just a few of the options you could explore. Holiday River Expeditions provides the food and the majority of the gear, you provide the fun!