Enjoy our Organic Herbs & Vegetables on your Lodore Canyon Trips!

By Erika Bash





What do we do with busted water jugs and cracked pop coolers that we take on the river but can no longer be used?

Pablano Peppers

We fill them with dirt! They serve as perfect containers to grow plants in.

Living in the quaint little garden on the back porch of the Holiday River Expedition’s Vernal bunkhouse is a handful of organically grown herbs, vegetables, and flowers cared for by our river guides. Among them are tomatoes, jalapeño and poblano peppers, basil, spearmint, rosemary, Pineapple sage, and marigolds.

Organic Herbs


Before each trip, we check out the garden to see what is ready for picking so we can add some local herbs and veggies to the meals. The colorful peppers will turn up the heat on any dish and the beautiful ripe redness of the home grown tomatoes is a fresh addition to many meals.

So next time you take a trip with Holiday check out the fresh basil leaves on your lasagna. Or enjoy the sage and rosemary with the toasted garlic bread among the other subtle accents to your delectable food on the Green River through Lodore Canyon.