With advance notice, we can typically accommodate the following diets in the backcountry: gluten-free (GF), dairy-free (DF), pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, or no red meat. The extent and offerings of dietary accommodations vary depending on advance notice and availability of substitutes in rural towns. Several meals are buffet style, allowing you to exclude specific ingredients to your preference. If you or members of your group have extensive dietary requirements or severe/life-threatening allergies of any kind, a multi-day backcountry rafting trip may not be suitable for you. Please view our standard accommodations below; if you are unable to find suitable accommodations, please contact our office (1.800.624.6323)to discuss supplementing existing meals with your own food. Please note that cooler storage is limited.

Allergies: Please be aware, Holiday cannot guarantee your safety if your food allergy causes anaphylaxis. You are required to bring your own supply of EpiPens and understand that one injection only lasts 10-20 minutes and that backcountry evacuations can take multiple hours. 

Accommodations for Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian/No Red Meat Guests

Our dietary accommodations for vegan, vegetarian, & pescatarian guests include substituting dinner proteins and preparing meals with meat or dairy on the side. Examples include:

  • Substituting dinner proteins with black bean veggie burger patties, grilled & seasoned tofu, portobello mushroom (or salmon for pescatarian)
  • Tofu, polenta, and MorningStar breakfast proteins instead of eggs
  • Almond or oat milk
  • Extra hummus and vegetables at lunches and with appetizers
  • Chickpeas in lunch wraps/salads
  • Dairy-free salad dressings

Oatmeal is available at breakfasts and peanut butter & jam are always available at lunch. Wherever possible, meat and/or dairy are served separately from other items, for example, chicken is not mixed with peppers and onions for fajitas, and cheese is offered on the side. A side salad with chickpeas and dressed with olive oil is offered instead of chicken Caesar salad.  



Accommodations for Gluten-Free Guests Salmon cooked on the griddle with lemon

We are happy to provide gluten-free alternatives for our meals. See examples of substitutes below; if you feel this is not sufficient, you are welcome to bring additional items, but keep in mind that cooler space is limited, and while we can make reasonable efforts to minimize cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee zero cross contamination in a backcountry setting. Please be sure to alert our office if you’d like to bring additional items that you will need the guides to store for you.

  • Gluten-free bread – replaces glutinous bread for french toast, lunch and dinner breads.
  • Bowls can be provided for lunch salad wraps or sandwiches instead of gluten-free bread
  • Yogurt and granola, polenta, or gluten-free pancake mix offered
  • Corn tortillas available for lunch wraps, breakfast burritos, and fajita dinner
  • Gluten-free penne pasta instead of lasagna
  • Gluten-free Kind snack bars and trail mix available
  • Gluten-free crackers available at appetizers



Accommodations for Dairy-Free Guests

We can often provide alternative dairy options for several of our meals, with advance notice. Many prepackaged items may have dairy in them, so please consult with your guides depending on your level of sensitivity. We often cook with butter, but can easily cook with vegetable oil and serve guests avoiding dairy first to minimize cross contamination.


  • Dairy-free milk for pancakes, french toast, mashed potatoes
  • Dairy-free salad dressings
  • Cheese served on the side, or side bowl made without cheese
  • Baked items such as cake and muffins often contain dairy or whey
  • Pasta with sauce, meat, and vegetables instead of lasagna





Typical River Meals

Please take a look at our menu below. While this menu is inclusive of the majority of our meals, guides may occasionally serve off-menu meals due to special circumstances or availability of products. This is all part of the Go with the Flow mentality!

Breakfasts:White Rim Big Drop Omelets Breakfast

  • Eggs to order, pancakes, omelets, french toast, breakfast burrito
  • Sides may include: blueberry muffins, toast, granola & yogurt, oatmeal, cinnamon rolls, sausage, or bacon
  • Coffee, tea, & cocoa are available with evaporated milk


  • Chicken caesar salad wrap, assorted lunch meats and vegetable sandwich, mediterranean couscous with hummus and pita, chicken curry salad wrap, tuna salad sandwich
  • Peanut butter & jam with whole wheat or sourdough bread, fresh fruit, and snacks are always available at lunch


  • Salmon & couscous, lasagna (Italian sausage or vegetarian), chicken & vegetable fajitas, steak with caramelized onions & mushrooms and mashed potatoes, burgers & brats w/ coleslaw, BBQ chicken & potatoes, Asian chicken or tofu stir fry
  • Dinners are served with a variety of salads with fresh vegetables

Dietary AccommodationsAppetizers, Desserts, & Snacks:

Appetizers typically include various crackers, vegetables, dips, cheese and olives, or chips and guacamole & salsa. Desserts include: brownies, sopaipillas, and various baked cakes. Snacks may include fig bars, granola bars, trail mix, Gold Fish, and fruit snacks.

We hope this helps you plan for your backcountry excursion with us! If you feel you can supplement our menu with your own food to meet your dietary needs, please call the office (1.800.624.6323) to discuss this. With advance notice, we can accommodate a small amount of cooler food, and can help store dry food overnight. Due to the limited number of cookware and burners, cooking self supplied food may be limited.