At the center of every culture is one, universal need: food. Finding, cultivating, and distributing food is what allowed us to build civilizations in the first place. Food brings us nourishment, community, and visceral pleasure. Whether we realize it or not, food is always at the center of our lives.

So, why shouldn’t food also be at the center of our biggest adventures?

Salmon Feast

Too often food is an afterthought in our outdoor activity plans. We end up with the energy bar sludge-gut or the dehydrated beans-and-rice runs. But it doesn’t have to be that way!


At Holiday we take our adventure food very seriously. Although our menus are dynamic, they were originally designed by the one and only Sue Holladay, who spent enough time on the river to know that good food is the way to any adventurer’s heart!


Can you imagine Fajitas and Sopapillas after a long day on the river? Grilled steak, salad, and potatoes au gratin after a 25 mile day on your bike? Well, that’s what we provide, like a gourmet restaurant that’s one hundred miles off the grid.


Coffee Angels Wake up to fresh coffee and fresh fruit, omelets made to order, and a view of the sun brimming over a canyon ridge. Snack on nuts, apples, and other tasty treats before a lunch of ceasar chicken wraps (yes, loaded with fresh vegetables! And PB and J for the kids). Cool off with a complementary soda or La Croix in the evening as our guides prepare a brilliant, cheesy lasagna. Don’t worry, when you’re done eating we’ll do the dishes.


But you do have to work for your food. We believe that hunger is the best sauce, and so we’ve developed a variety of ways to work up that appetite. You can hike through side canyons, hold on tight through the class IV and V rapids, bike up the gnarly hills of White Rim Trail, or partake in some afternoon yoga. Even floating down the river under the hot sun drinking a beer can make you hungry (all the booze is BYOB, so you can get your favorite brand of IPA! Just no glass bottles, please!).

Caramelized Peppers

One of the biggest benefits of our unique, gourmet floating kitchen is that we can change it up to fit your needs. Give us some advance notice and we can accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Yes, you can have a catered, vegan feast on the waterfront!

When most of us think back on our most memorable experiences from traveling or childhood, we find that they center around eating, for better (popsicles on the beach or a holiday dinner) or worse (remember that street food you ate in Mexico?). We know that in order to give you an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life, we need to give you more than an exhilarating ride down the river. We need to top it off with luxuriant fish dinners and scrumptious brownie desserts!