Coronavirus / Covid-19 Update from Holiday



We have always had the safety of our guides and guests at the heart of our operation. That foundational value is now clearer than ever as we all face this evolving health crisis together. Our team is monitoring this emerging situation closely in order to make the best decisions possible for our river and bike trips this season. In light of this, we would like to provide clarity on the most common questions we’ve been receiving from our Holiday community.


Is Holiday planning to run their trips?

Yes! While we will go with the flow and adapt if necessary, we are currently planning to run as many of our scheduled river and bike trips as possible. We are in touch with our partners in various federal agencies; this is a rapidly evolving situation and we will update you as soon as we have certainty about any impact to your trip. 

In the event we need to cancel a trip we will make every effort to notify guests within 30 days of the trip launch date. 


What measures will be in place to keep folks safe and healthy? 

Our expert guides all hold up-to-date food handler certifications and practice the highest level of sanitation on all of our trips. These hygienic practices include multiple hand wash stations at every camp and lunch stop, readily available hand sanitizer, and routinely wiping down all communal surfaces. Additionally we clean all of our gear between trips, including washing all life jackets and bags and laundering all rental equipment. 

It is worth noting that a river or bike expedition in the backcountry has significant advantages in terms of contagions. Our days and nights are spent out in fresh air and open spaces, and our trip sizes are small, effectively distancing us from the greater population. These elements of wilderness travel, plus our rigorous hygienic practices mean that our trips have built-in defenses.


What happens if a guest cannot make the trip due to travel bans?

In the event that travel bans or airport closures impact guests ability to make it to their trip we will allow for transfer of all non-refundable payments as a credit towards a future trip with us (through 2023) and include a 10% additional credit as a token of goodwill. 

If you’re concerned about airport closures and haven’t booked your flight yet, it’s worth considering taking a good-old-fashion road trip!


Are there reasons Holiday would prevent a guest from joining a trip?

If a guest has or develops symptoms of Covid-19 within 2 weeks prior to their trip departure or has been in contact with individuals who have tested positive for Covid-19, we will ask that they join us for another trip on a later date. In that event we will let that guest transfer all non-refundable payments as a credit towards a future trip with us (through 2023) and include a 10% additional credit as a token of goodwill. 

This is clearly information we would need to be provide ahead of time; we thank everyone in advance for honesty and prompt communication of any such pertinent information. This is a time when we need to be making good choices that will help keep our entire communities safe and healthy.


What if someone develops symptoms while on the trip?

If anyone on the trip develops symptoms of Covid-19, we will follow all Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization guidelines.We will practice social distancing, disinfect any potentially contaminated areas, and evacuate the individual(s) where feasible.


Does Holiday’s recommended trip insurance cover Covid-19 related cancellations? 

We refer any questions regarding the trip insurance we recommend to AIG and TravelGuard. They are best equipped to answer any specific questions in regards to coverage.

Their number is: 1.866.385.4839


If a guest cancels or reschedules their trip will Holiday River Expeditions cover the cost of their pre & post trip travel, hotel or rental car?

In the event of any cancellation or rescheduled trip, guests will be solely responsible for any hotel, rental car or travel expenses.


What if Holiday cancels the trip?

In the event that Holiday must cancel a trip, our guests will receive a full refund of their trip cost. Guests are also welcome to use their trip payment as a credit towards any other trip through 2022 with no transfer fees plus a 10% extra credit in addition as a token of goodwill. 


Are there any changes to Holiday’s existing cancellation policy? 

We have amended our cancellation policy to offer you more flexibility. It is linked here.



Unfettered wilderness can offer many benefits in a time of physical distancing and social solidarity. We hope to provide everyone who chooses to join us a much-needed reprieve from negative news and the challenges of society. While this global pandemic is a significant challenge for us all, we are grateful to be facing it alongside all of you. We are all in many ways, in the same boat. Our guides are all eager to get back on the oars (and pedals!) and have another fantastic and safe summer of relaxation and adventure.


The Holiday River Family