You’ve heard of Cataract Canyon. Crumbling, majestic red walls, big whitewater, the heart of Canyonlands National Park—here at Holiday, we call it the “undisputed king of Utah river trips.” But you don’t have to take our word for it. Culled from the last couple of decades of customer reviews, here’s what our guests have to say. From breathtaking dark skies to the morning light on canyon walls, from the cooking skills of the guides to their patience with your kids, here’s a selection of letters and comments from guests who have traveled with us through Cataract Canyon.

Fun Hikes!

The guides were amazing. They seemed tireless and were constantly paying attention to the needs of the group. The hikes were a lot of fun as well. The trip was absolutely amazing. I’ve told all of my friends about it and some are considering signing up for one in the future. The guides definitely made the experience. They were knowledgeable, patient, and thoughtful.

By Meghan Nutting

Boats at Dawn Cataract


The Food Blew Me Away

The guides were the greatest, they definitely made the trip. Thanks to Tilts, Muffin, Evan, Kasey, and Little Ben. I went on all the hikes except the last one prior to the big rapids day. Evan and Tilts gave very good narratives of the archaeological sites and the geology of Cataract Canyon. I never imagined that the food could be this fantastic. The Food Channel doesn’t have anything on these guides/cooks. Plus there was also an excellent variety of food dishes. After a week on the river, I was glad to see those two nice clean vans with A/C. The ride back to Green River was a breeze. My trip was very good for my health and well-being, not to mention my soul. Keep up the fine work. Every employee that I encountered was most helpful and courteous. I will spread the good word about Holiday Expeditions. A+++!

By Jeff Meyer


Third Time On Cataract

Brin, Alex, LB, and Julian were all professional, friendly, fun, and extraordinary guides and people. This was my third time on the Cataract Canyon trip and I would do it again. There is nothing like a float through the canyon to put your mind in the perfect place.

By Joel Acken  & Jennifer Phillips


A Needed Change Of Pace From City Life

Everything was perfect! We rented the 2 person tent which (once showed how to set up) was very easy to assemble and disassemble. I loved the guides on our trip; we were fortunate to have Tilts, Ben, Evan, Kasey, and Randy (Muffin) on our trip. What a great team, they were very professional, interesting and hard working. Even at the end of a long day of rowing, I was amazed at their energy preparing dinner, running around to accommodate everyone’s desire (beer runs), and their good humor. It was truly a pleasure to spend 5 days on the river with them. There was the right amount of hikes, and the guides were informative about the hikes and the level of energy needed to complete them.

The food was terrific, I was impressed with the meals and couldn’t believe what would come out of those rafts at each meal time! The guides did an excellent job preparing the meals, and for sure no one went hungry. The meals were also well balanced nutritionally. My son and I had a fantastic vacation. We did the 4 night 5 day Green river Cataract Canyon trip. For me, the beauty of Canyonlands, the tranquility of going down the river the first few days, and the fun of the rapids were just the best. We had a great group of guides and the guests were a terrific bunch of people. I had never camped and found this experience a great one. It was best of all coming from 42nd street in NY City to have a total lack of people, noise, and automation. It was a truly wonderful change of pace. Thanks for a one of a kind and great vacation.

By Sally & Derek Budde

Dollhouse Hike Cataract


My Best Vacation Ever

I was on the Cataract Canyon trip a couple of weeks ago… This was the best vacation I have ever been on!! Rafting for the first time and being in Utah for the first time was amazing. The river and landscapes were breathtakingly beautiful. I am in love with the area! The trip was absolutely wonderful. The guides were a joy to be around. They were extremely resourceful, informative, and accommodating to any of our needs throughout the trip. I definitely want to do this trip again. It was a life changing and wonderful experience. This is an amazing company. THANK YOU! You guys are the best!

By Kaia Moore


The Majesty Of Canyonlands!

Jason and Donovan were our guides. I really enjoyed them both, it was a good mix of personalities and style. They clearly had good chemistry between them, especially on the river.  Their confidence in their own abilities and each other’s made us all feel more secure. They worked hard to make it a memorable experience, and I feel very grateful that we had them. Hiking was a special part of the trip that I didn’t expect much of beforehand.  To have access to places that are basically inaccessible except via the river added to the sense of remoteness, something I didn’t expect. I wimped out on the Doll House hike, and although that was a good choice I think for me, I’m glad it was still an option. Our Bodie Canyon hike was magical.

The food was wonderful.  I didn’t have a bad meal. I was thankful for the fresh melon. My son is a vegetarian (not vegan), and I know he ate very well also. The drives to & from the river were wonderful transitions to the river for me. It opened up a chance for some early camaraderie opportunities and discussions of reality on the river (Bano etiquette etc.). This was a 21st birthday present to my son (and me). I want to do a similar trip in 2010 with my daughter when she turns 21. I loved the oared rafts, the sense of connection with the river and the surroundings that it imparted, it was something that I didn’t know about ahead of time. The atmosphere of the Holiday experience is something I really enjoyed, it suited me and I would happily return.

Certainly, the majesty of Canyonlands, the Colorado River, and southern Utah are a big part of the experience, but being able to move through that area afloat with a group of strangers, led by a group of caring individuals, made it special. I am very thankful to have happened upon Holiday and to have experienced Cataract Canyon. Thanks to all the people at Holiday who helped make it special.

By Will Nickum


Holiday Trips Are Simply The Best

The guides were excellent as always! The food was also excellent as always! I believe this was my 8th trip with Holiday, and I would not even consider using another outfitter. Holiday trips are simply the best! The guides are always professional and friendly. Even when the weather is not the best I can always look back and say the trip was AWESOME! I just wish I could go more often!

By Diane Berkowitz

Fall Extended Hiking SUP


Unwinding on the River

The guides were fantastic and made the trip. The food was outstanding, and the hikes were a nice break from the river. We traveled with grandkids and children, and it was a perfect trip for all. No cell phones and lots of chances to see a beautiful part of our country and enjoy each other’s company. Box wine never tasted so good after a long day hiking, and unwinding on the river. I would highly recommend the trip for family-adventure travel.

By Peter & Carol Girardin


A Great Blend Of Guests

The rafting trip was fantastic! We had a great blend of guests that made for interesting conversations and friendly ribbing throughout the trip. Our guides, Zack, Julian, Rocky, Larkin, Erica and Ben were awesome. They were friendly, courteous and ready to help. They prepared awesome meals and were always looking to see how to make our experience fun! Highly recommended!

By Jim Warkentin


Impressive Knowledge and Interpretation

These guides have impressive knowledge and interpretation. I brought my own gear, but your gear looked well maintained and in very good condition. Our crew, Brin, L.B., and Molly were a great TEAM. They were always working hard to accommodate all of us and our friends. They wake with smiles and ended the day with laughter. L.B. and Brin were excellent guides and MOLLY…what a great asset to our trip. She has the potential to be a great trip leader one day. All of them are top notch people. They make great choices, are good leaders, and have interpretation skills.

All of the meals were well balanced, flavorful, well cooked, and planned. Plus the crew did a great job preparing and serving the meals. Above all everything was excellent: equipment, guides, office staff and even Jacob who pushed us upstream on the lake was great. Your guides waited on us hand and foot, and all had great customer service skills. Brin is exceptionally knowledgeable. He could answer every question everyone asked. You are blessed with such a great team. Thanks for the knowledge and interpretation!

By Patty Ellwanger


Sleeping Under Shooting Stars

I recognize and value that we had the best of the very best guides. They were great from the perspectives of expertise, history, ecology and even literature. Perfection. As with my earlier trip, it amazes me what food you guys can produce so efficiently and with such grace. If only everyone could experience what happens when you spend only four to five days floating and diving deep in primordial wilderness, sleeping under shooting stars, anthropomorphizing rock formations, and learning river lore. The world would be a happier place.

By Susan McIntosh

Triple Rigging Cataract Canyon


A Cherished Experience that is Beyond Description

The guides were first class, well informed, and great cooks. The hikes helped make the trip even more fun! I could never figure out where all of the fantastic meals came from, but they must have been drop-shipped from above. This was an experience that I will always cherish. The guests were of like mind and all got along without exception. Your guides were professional in every sense of the word. The beauty of Cataract Canyon is truly beyond description. The only bad part was that it had to end. We will be back for future adventures with Holiday Expeditions.

By Lee & Alyce Hurley


Glen Canyon Institute Custom Trip

Brin, Alex, Julian, and Erika were by far the best part of the trip. Without their expert and professional guidance, we would have never been able to experience such a magnificently powerful and awesome trip through some of the most beautiful natural splendor in the world. I can’t say enough about their courtesy, humor, strength, cooking ability, positive attitude, and spirit. All of us at the Glen Canyon Institute thought it was truly a magical experience! We owe it all to the way they handled our group and led us through the canyon. I will never be the same!  Yes please tell the world about this trip and these guides.

by Dru Ross


A Women’s Whitewater Rafting Trip

Thankfully, the guides packed an extra tent (or didn’t use theirs) when one of the lady’s tents blew away and drowned in the rapids, they were able to still set her up. The rental gear was in excellent shape and kept all of our gear safe and dry. The Holiday “set up” alone, with the storage in the boats was so impressive. We were spoiled and coddled by the guides. Yet when we wanted it, we were certainly challenged by one of the hikes and were kept so entertained that we never had time to read. We loved every second. It was an outstanding job storing a giant melon for each day. All the food prepared was so fresh and actually “good” for us too. A treat of dessert each day was so special. All transportation was efficient and on time. The guides were very impressive as they had to row for all those miles. It was really nice to have a full moon and fun guides. They were all very special and knowledgeable. They answered all of our questions and were very helpful. My friends have all expressed how this was one of the most spiritual and exciting vacations they have gone on. I just can’t gush enough.

By Sarah Ali


A Nice Contrast Of Relaxation & Excitement!

Our guides were terrific! Ben and Julian took great care on the river, shared ecological concerns, and had good knowledge of history of the area. They were wonderful cooks, tireless oarsmen, had great senses of humor, and were lots of fun and very helpful and polite. It was great to be able to hike once and a while. Transportation to the put-in and from the take-out was just fine. I appreciated the air conditioning! Oh, the kayaks were fun too! The overall experience for me was memorable. Being in the beautiful Cataract Canyon was amazing. I was in awe of the river with its time of calm water and its time of rough and tumble powerful rapids. Relaxation versus total excitement! The companionship of the eight other women on this trip made it very special for me. It was amazing to not have to cook and clean up! The menus and food were wonderful. Thank you for a wonderful experience! I would love to do this again with my whole family!

By Jeanne Carlson


Best trip I’ve ever taken!

I booked directly with Holiday River Expeditions without a problem. The guides were super funny, easy-going, knowledgeable, and also professional. The food was beyond wonderful.   This was the best trip I have ever taken!   The guides, the food, the atmosphere….so perfectly relaxed and fun!

Trip Review by Amanda

Delicious meals on Colorado River Rafting trips


Big Water and Huge Fun

Our guides were fun, friendly, and true professionals with great knowledge and understanding of the river and Canyonlands. The hikes up the ridge and through Dark Canyon were amazing. The food was excellent, better than home!! The steaks were perfect, Dave! The trip was amazing. To accommodate 11 guys is a challenge in itself, but you did it! It is amazing how much stuff you can store on 3 boats! The water was huge, and the guides were pumped! I don’t know how we could have done it better.

Trip Review By Chad Barksdale


Holiday does it with style!

The combination of a well-organized website and informed staff on the phone made reservations a breeze. When we first reserved, there were not enough clients to make the trip. Fortunately, that changed, and reservation folks let us know as soon as they knew. Even the motel and eating recommendations were helpful and accurate.   The trip may be non-motorized, but the communications were definitely 21st century.  This is not our first river trip, but less experienced river rafters should have no problems navigating the site to find a solid match for their interests.  The experience of the guides were a presence throughout the trip. Brin’s knowledge of geology, river history, and archeological features gave us a vivid memory that will last a long time.  Holiday River Expeditions offers a spectacular river experience for first-timers and returning aficionados alike. There is nothing more invigorating than a well-organized trip through amazing western waterways, and Holiday does it with style.

Trip Review by Ross & Cathy


Without a Motor

Brin and Casey were great!! Holiday exceeded my expectations again. Just like after my first trip I find myself trying to convince everyone I talk to that they need to experience a rafting trip in the Holiday style, without a motor and camping with comforts!!

By Joel & Jennifer


Loved the Safe and Thrilling Ride

The food was amazing. We couldn’t believe what the guides could come up with meal after meal. The trip exceeded our expectations!! It was an amazing 5 days. The rapids were unbelievable and while it was a thrilling ride – we always felt safe. The guides were amazing, we had Brin, Dave, Rocky, and Alex. All were knowledgeable on the river and the terrain. Plus they were great people, easy to talk with, and clearly loved their jobs. We hope to be back to do another trip soon.

By Ed & Pamela Girardin

Rafting Trips on the Colorado River in Utah


Relaxing and Fun

The guides were great, attentive, and fun to be around. The hikes were interesting and the guides delivered insightful information during each hike. Plus, they really respected the land and river and treated them well. We had a wonderful family vacation and will talk about our trip for years to come. Everything was easy, relaxing, and fun — just what a vacation should be. Plus, the food was tasty and healthy! The guides are knowledgeable, friendly and really want you to have a great time.

By Marshall & Monica Carlson


Had A Blast Swimming & Kayaking!

What exceptionally competent guides! We have enormous respect for their dedication, knowledge, and engagement. The scenery was fantastic for the entire trip! We received impressive care by the guides, who were always ready to help. Also, the food was fabulous, we got guided walks wherever possible, and plenty of opportunities for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding. We will be back for more soon!

By Arthur & Annette McGarr


Guides Were Superb With The Children

We had a truly fantastic trip in the Cataract Canyon. Our guides, Alex and Justin, were superb, great company, knowledgeable and brilliant with the children. The food was also excellent, definitely the best food we had on our trip. I would heartily recommend the trip and your company to anyone looking for a fun, relaxing getaway.

By Daniel & Caroline Baker


The River Was Perfect

The guides were great, knowledgeable, fun, and friendly. Loved the Dollhouse hike! Thanks for catering to my wheat-free existence. I was expecting to have a nice vacation with my dad. I was not expecting to be so blown away by a trip down a river. The group was great, the guides were excellent, and the river was perfect.

By Emily Klass


Our most spectacular Cataract Trip!

Karen did a great job of communicating and showing flexibility when necessary. Very helpful and easy-going. Thanks! Most of our planning referenced the materials received in the mail, but I think that referring folks to the website helped convince a few people in our party to come along.

Your guides were great. Our trip leader Brin did a great job as the head guide! Ben, David, Sarah, Doug, and Rocky were also awesome! Everyone in the group felt the same way…just couldn’t have provided better guides for our most spectacular Cataract Canyon trip! Overall it was a super time with a super guiding company. I can tell you that the trip and the people exceeded our expectations!  We’ll be back!

Trip Review by Bud Potts

Indian Creek Falls in Canyonland National Park


Truly Beyond My Expectations!

The guides were great, truly beyond my best expectations! Brin, Rick, Kasey and Zack work their tails off and have outstanding personalities. Dollhouse was tough for me, but once I got there I was glad I didn’t give up or pass on the opportunity. The food was another thing that was beyond what I had expected. I have not eaten that good since I lived at home with Mom! Somehow, while stuffing myself at every meal with delicious food, I still lost 13 pounds on the trip. Must mean the food was good for the metabolism. You can now market the trips as a diet plan as well! Vans were nice, they were later models, clean and the A/C worked great. After all is said and done I am glad I went with Holiday and plan on taking a trip with Holiday again. I am still not ready to try to eloquently put into words how great this trip was!  I am still trying to digest it. I just wish I was still there, going down a river, with the fantastic guides and the wonderful people I met.

By Mike Lundgren


Sightseeing, Camping & Rafting

Brin and LB, our guides were fantastic, informative, understanding and very professional when and where it mattered. I could not have wished for better guides on my first white water rafting trip. We did 3 hikes, all were different and all were great fun. The hike to the waterfall was great, especially as it was a very hot day, but my favorite was the hike over the loop, though only 2 of us opted to do it. LB our guide was very understanding as it was 2 of the older members of the group that volunteered. The food was a lot more than I expected, the simple things, like cold water still available on day 5 made the trip even better. The food was also of a high standard, cooked very well by the guides. I never felt that I was being short changed despite being on a camping holiday. I traveled nearly 5,000 miles to Green River on my sister’s recommendation and was not disappointed in any way. The 5 days were fantastic, or as you say in The States, “awesome”. I came for excitement and relaxation and I got both in the five days. I enjoyed it so much that I am already planning a return trip back next year. I would like to thank all for making my trip so memorable, one that I will never forget.

By Andrew Richley


Hikes were great

I must say, three years ago I started my research on this rafting trip. I found Holiday’s website initially and I was so impressed with the website that I didn’t need to examine any other company. Of course, as the trip got closer, I was very nervous about: “what if” Holiday wasn’t all that it says it was. I must say, I was not disappointed. Your website hooked me but the overall experience was far more than I could have imagined. We are definitely planning another trip in a few years and I have already highly recommended Holiday to other people. Our river guide Rick was extremely informative and patient with all of the guests. Matt, although new to Holiday, was an asset to the team. Hikes were great, especially after all the great food we had. It was good to work it off 🙂 I’m a self-recognized food snob and I was afraid that the food wouldn’t be “gourmet” as stated but the food was AWESOME!!! The drivers to the put-in and from the takeout were great and the van ride was comfortable. I have no complaints whatsoever!!!

By Kelly Strack


Our guides were like magicians

Your office staff was very helpful with all our questions by mail and by phone. We appreciated being able to handle payments over the phone since we are based in France. The tents were very easy to mount, and the sleeping bags were fine. We were extremely happy with our two guides, Brin and Brian. They were funny, polite and their passion for the river was quite contagious. We enjoyed them very much and they contributed significantly to our overall satisfaction. Taking hikes was one of our explicit requests and we were happy to be able to do so many and with such variation. The choice of hikes was excellent (highlights were slot canyon and jasper canyon). The food was an important factor in our choice of Holiday and the quality and variety exceeded our expectations. Our guides were like magicians, whipping up very tasty breakfasts and dinners. We especially loved the melon and crispy salad! This Cataract Canyon trip was the highlight of our vacation in the US. Living on the river, following its rhythms, gave us a feeling of serenity and wonder at the preserved natural beauty and the rich cultural heritage of this part of the world. This trip touched each of us, including our 17 year old daughter and our 10 year old son, in a unique way, and gave our family a fabulous memory for years to come. Our thanks and our compliments for preserving and sharing this treasure.

By Sharon Kennedy

Collard Lizard on Colorado Whitewater Rafting trip


Shimmering Water & Gorgeous Evenings

This rafting trip was some of the most relaxing and beautiful nature time I can remember! The guides did all the hard work, served up delicious meals, and were fountains of information about the plants and animals and the history of the area. I was awed by towering canyon walls, shimmering water, and gorgeous evening clouds. It was a delight from start to finish.

By Susannah Churchill


Such a memorable experience

Guides did an excellent job with our students socially and professionally; very knowledgeable and always willing to help. They went out of their way to make it a great trip. The daily hikes were a good break from the river. I really enjoyed the Doll House and Indian Creek as it was a highlight for the students. The evening skits and activities were a fun way to end the day and help to preserve the cohesiveness of the group. Each of the guides had something different to bring to the trip and the hikes.

The food was appropriate for a group of high school students and there was a good variety of meals and the food was well prepared. I am glad the guides allowed the students to be part of the clean-up process. A special thanks to Brin, Oki, Randy, Kasey, Morgen, and everyone at Holiday who made this such a memorable experience for the students from Alaska. I have done this trip before with students but with a different outfitter. Holiday by far provided a better student focused trip. Overall the rates were more reasonable, the guides more personable, the river more exciting with the double rigs, and the overall experience more memorable. It was obvious the guides enjoyed what they were doing and enjoyed sharing the experience with others and It was a great six days on the river, on the hikes, and in the camps. Students are already asking if we can do the trip again.

By Mark Jordan


Fresh Fruits and Veggies!

Guides were strong rowers, excellent cooks, knowledgeable, and most important of all, prepared for everything even if a raft were to flip (didn’t happen). Especially loved the relaxing afternoon in camp and the a-“mazing” (pun intended) dawn hike to the Dollhouse. I really appreciated the fact that the food was not only delicious but healthy with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. At the end of the trip that air-conditioned van felt wonderful! And the trip back to Green River helped to transition back to “real life”. The only thing bad about the trip was having to come off the river. Almost two months have gone by and I still long to be drifting along away from the craziness of the world.

By Richard & Tania James


Gorgeous Canyon Light In The Mornings

Our guides were absolutely awesome, they were very inspiring to my teenage boys and wonderfully patient. We really enjoyed the hikes! I think I gained weight on the trip!  I would love to have recipes from the trip as a way to remember our experience. This was a great family vacation; everyone unplugged and took home memories. I loved the gorgeous canyon light in the morning, and we were all awestruck by the stars at night and the rapids were a blast. Thank you for a special family experience.

By Ty & Susan Thompson


Guides Had Impressive Knowledge

Brin & Ben took very good care of us. The guides had impressive knowledge in many aspects of the trip and shared many stories with us regarding the area geographically as well as physically. They were easy to get along with and had a good rapport with each of the ages of the clients. The sights we saw on our hikes were amazing and we were never pushed beyond our capabilities. And the food! Where does it all come from? Healthy, filling, delicious, and well prepared, no one went hungry on this trip. Transportation to and from the river was comfortable. I would recommend Holiday Expeditions to others and would also like to go on other trips with Holiday in the future.

By Karl & Karen Warner


The food was unbelievable

To: Dee Holladay, John Wood & Tim Gaylord:

I want you to know that the Park City Mountain Sports Club trip through Cataract Canyon last week was superb. We just cannot say enough about the fantastic job that Jason, Donovan, Nick and Casey did on this trip. Jason is a great leader and the entire guide team worked together with a tremendous cooperative manner and rapport. They all treated our group in a most enjoyable manner and went out of their way to do everything and anything to ensure we had a great experience.

For some of the group, this was our third trip and again the food was unbelievable. Many of our group exclaimed time and again what an incredible job Holiday and the guides do in food preparation. With all the beautiful scenery and the whitewater thrills, I would hate to say the food was the number one highlight of the trip but it sure was highly enjoyed by everyone.

The overall organization or the trip was also very impressive. The manner in which the guides unload and load the rafts and set up camp in such a smooth manner had everyone blown away. It is really impressive to see them operate.

Obviously, we had a wonderful experience and we thank everyone involved for making it so enjoyable.

Sincerely, Fred Tripp

Whitewater Rafting Trip in Cataract Canyon


Perfect Family Trip

We had a large family group from California, Nevada, San Juan Island, Washington and Colorado meeting at the same time, same place, under one reservation and the ladies in the office made the whole thing perfect. Muffin and Fluffy (Evan) were the best guides. They fit with the crazy people in our family just like they were members. I will travel in the future only with them or someone that is equally crazy. 🙂 The trip could not have been better or more fun, it truly was the perfect family trip. Doing a trip like that with any other expedition provider is just wasting money and time when you could be having a truly GREAT experience.

By Donald Thompson & Claudia Oakes


New Friends Made On True Adventure

Brin, Julian, Alex, and Erika were phenomenal. From sunrise to bedtime they were taking care of us, always had very positive attitudes, and were highly skilled in all aspects of the float. Food was fantastic and the guides set up, cooking, presentation, and dishwashing is down to a science. By the end of the float, everyone was new friends, which attests to the positive and personal-in-nature treatment we all received from the guides. Hats off to them. Thanks for a real adventure.

By Dean Brynildsen


Great guides

Brin & Ben were great guides, very competent, hard working & fun…They really made the trip memorable. The Maze & Dollhouse were special hikes and the waterfall hike was wonderful. I think I gained weight as the food couldn’t have been better. I was interested in hiking & big water and was not disappointed. The group blended well and I can’t say enough about our guides, your company obviously attracts the best. They were able to manage a very diverse group of people effortlessly… Answered all our endless questions and kept the mood fun. They had the energy & work ethics to row all day, set up camp, fix appetizers, cook meals, and still go on hikes with us – bravo!

By Doug Johnson


In The Heart Of Nature With No Motor

The guides were always friendly, happy and eager to make our trip safe, fun and relaxing. I commend them, they work really hard. There were opportunities to hike each day or just relax in camp. Also, there were options to use the inflatable kayaks in the rapids. No pressure. I must really commend Holiday for the food, and of course, the guides who did all the cooking. It isn’t easy to satisfy the many palates of people but you guys did a great job of it. All the fresh veggies and fruit make a healthy meal. Thank you. I have been rafting and kayaking rivers since the early 1980’s – all private trips. This was my first commercial river trip. I was apprehensive about commercial river trips because most of them use motors and I did not want to be in the heart of nature listening to a motor.

Another concern of mine was: how experienced are the guides? The first day or two of the trip I watched carefully and spent time on each boat, thinking, I want to be on the boat with the best guide when we run the rapids. In my humble opinion, all guides were equally experienced. From that time on I didn’t care whose boat I was on in the rapids. And so: I relaxed in camp, hiked, ate great food and enjoyed the beauty of Glen Canyon from my reclined position on the boat. I had no work; like cooking or setting up the kitchen, rigging or unrigging the boat, and no groover duty. I can get used to this! Thanks.

By Mary Gavan


Zero Light Pollution Makes for the Best Stargazing

Julian, Rocky and Jordan were great. They were very communicative and knowledgeable. I enjoyed their company and what they could share about the area on the river and on the hikes. The trip was fantastic. It was a great combination of relaxing river floating, good rapids, and a variety of hiking opportunities. It was great to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and get out into nature and see its beauty and power. Being away from all of the light pollution and being able to see all of the stars you normally can’t was awesome.

By David Yackey

Colorado River Rafting Trip in Cataract Canyon


We Were In Good Hands

The guides were absolutely wonderful! They were so knowledgeable about the river; its history and geology. They were also as skilled in navigating the rapids, always gracious and accommodating, fun, and great cooks as well! I felt like we were in good hands every step of the way. They really made the trip a great adventure.

By Jim West & Susan Newell


The Guides Instilled Confidence In Me

The guides were super patient with me. I rode with Susan on the rapid days because she took the time to explain how to hold on and told me I would be fine (I was a little nervous). Susan and Dave were particularly patient with me when we negotiated a slot canyon. I had never done anything like it before. They never showed any doubt that I could do it, and I did! The 8 days flew by. The trip was a fabulous opportunity to leave my stress behind and to live in the moment with nature.

By Bob & Carolyn Hoffman


I Found Peace on the River

Your company is outstanding and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others or take another trip with you. Thank you for a fabulous vacation! There is nothing quite like a river trip to take you out of daily life and put you in nature with no phones, computers, or news of the outside world. You are surrounded by breathtaking beauty, and peace at every turn in the river. And after several days of calm, peaceful floating you get a shock to the system that revitalizes everything when you hit the rapids.

On top of all this you are cooked for, guided, entertained and looked after in the most amazing way imaginable. Every time I float a river I am reminded why it is the best vacation on the planet.

By Jonathan & Alice Webber


Holiday Guides Love What They Do

Excellent service! It’s been years since I had been on a rafting trip and I used to do a lot. The guides love what they do, are most knowledgeable and greatly skilled. They really tailor fit the trip to our wants and needs.  I always did private trips before and now I don’t think I could go back. I was most impressed with the meals. The transportation ran smoothly, it amazed me how quickly we got off the river and on the road. It is most apparent that you run a top-notch operation.  I had been on a trip with one other outfitter and it made me nervous as heck. They were not safety conscious and the food was horrible.  Your guides love what they do and are most fun and courteous. I would most definitely recommend Holiday Expeditions to others!  You all get an A++++

By Marsha Kearney