Code Of Conduct

Holiday River Expeditions’ code of conduct was created as a way to keep our commitment to you, the guest, as well as our fantastic guides.  This set of agreements helps to ensure everyone has a respectful, inclusive, and enjoyable backcountry experience. To that end, we ask that participants and staff alike treat each other with respect and kindness.

  • Respectful behavior includes, and is not limited to:
  • honoring each individual’s identity, including but not limited to: 
    • ability,
    • age,
    • ethnicity,
    • gender identity,
    • immigration status,
    • political beliefs,
    • race,
    • religion,
    • sex,
    • sexual orientation,
    • class;
  • communicating your own boundaries and respecting others’ boundaries, including:
    • asking permission to take photographic portraits of others; 
    • considering appropriate picture and video taking and posting of other trip participants;
  • giving each other discretion during the many private moments on a backcountry adventure, such as urination, changing clothes, and bathing;
  • smoking far away and downwind from others, (while avoiding brush and other fire-hazards);
  • leaving your speakers at home. (Many of our guests come to these wild places to unplug from amplified sounds and connect to a more quiet part of themselves, and in many of our trips areas it is illegal to use amplification. If you bring electronics, wear headphones.)


  • Please avoid disrespectful behavior, which includes, and is not limited to:
    • sexual solicitation;
    • profane, obscene, or abusive language or behavior;
    • any other acts of harassment, bullying, or discrimination.


For more information on Holiday’s commitment to inclusivity and respect, check out the work of some of the folks helping us!

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