A Women’s Whitewater Rafting Trip Down Utah’s Cataract Canyon, Canyonlands National Park

September 03

HagerPhoto_20130624-833Thankfully, the guides packed an extra tent (or didn’t use theirs) when one of the ladies own tent blew away and drowned in the rapids, they were able to still set her up. The rental gear was in excellent shape and kept all of our gear safe and dry. The Holiday “set up” alone, with the storage in the boats was so impressive. We were spoiled and coddled by the guides. Yet when we wanted it, we were certainly challenged by one of the hikes and were kept so entertained that we never had time to read. We loved every second. It was an outstanding job storing a giant melon for each day. All the food prepared was so fresh and actually “good” for us too. A treat of dessert each day was so special. All transportation was efficient and on time. The guides were very impressive as they had to row for all those miles. It was really nice to have a full moon and fun guides. They were all very special and knowledgeable. They answered all of our questions and were very helpful. My friends have all expressed how this was one of the most spiritual and exciting vacations they have gone on. I just can’t gush enough.

By Sarah Ali