The Majesty Of Canyonlands!

Rafting The Scenic Cataract Canyon In Canyonlands National Park, Utah

2010-08-19-Cataract-2556Jason and Donovan were our guides. I really enjoyed them both, it was a good mix of personalities and style. They clearly had a good chemistry between them, especially on the river.  Their confidence in their own abilities and each other’s made us all feel more secure. They worked hard to make it a memorable experience, and I feel very grateful that we had them. Hiking was a special part of the trip that I didn’t expect much of before hand.  To have access to places that are basically inaccessible except via the river added to the sense of remoteness, something I didn’t expect. I wimped out on the Doll House hike, and although that was a good choice I think for me, I’m glad it was still an option. Our Bodie Canyon hike was magical.

The food was wonderful.  I didn’t have a bad meal. I was thankful for the fresh melon. My son is a vegetarian (not vegan), and I know he ate very well also. The drives to & from the river were wonderful transitions to the river for me. It opened up a chance for some early camaraderie opportunities, and discussions of reality on the river (Bano etiquette ect.). This was a 21st birthday present to my son (and me). I want to do a similar trip in 2010 with my daughter when she turns 21. I loved the oared rafts, the sense of connection with the river and the surroundings that it imparted, it was something that I didn’t know about ahead of time. The atmosphere of the Holiday experience is something I really enjoyed, it suited me and I would happily return.

Certainly the majesty of Canyonlands, the Colorado River and southern Utah are a big part of the experience, but being able to move through that area afloat with a group of strangers, led by a group of caring individuals, made it special. I am very thankful to have happened upon Holiday, and to have experienced Cataract Canyon. Thanks to all the people at Holiday who helped make it special.

By Will Nickum