A Rafting Trip Down Cataract Canyon, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

June 09

2010-08-17-Cataract-1390The guides were great, truly beyond my best expectations! Brin, Rick, Kasey and Zack work their tails off and have outstanding personalities. Dollhouse was tough for me, but once I got there I was glad I didn’t give up or pass on the opportunity. The food was another thing that was beyond what I had expected. I have not eaten that good since I lived at home with Mom! Somehow, while stuffing myself at every meal with delicious food, I still lost 13 pounds on the trip. Must mean the food was good for the metabolism. You can now market the trips as a diet plan as well! Vans were nice, they were later models, clean and the A/C worked great. After all is said and done I am glad I went with Holiday and plan on taking a trip with Holiday again. I am still not ready to try to eloquently put into words how great this trip was!  I am still trying to digest it. I just wish I was still there, going down a river, with the fantastic guides and the wonderful people I met.

By Mike Lundgren