Sightseeing, Camping & Rafting In Canyonlands National Park, Cataract Canyon

June 16

IMG_4727Brin and LB, our guides were fantastic, informative, understanding and very professional when and where it mattered. I could not have wished for better guides on my first white water rafting trip. We did 3 hikes, all were different and all were great fun. The hike to the waterfall was great, especially as it was a very hot day, but my favorite was the hike over the loop, though only 2 of us opted to do it. LB our guide was very understanding as it was 2 of the older members of the group that volunteered. The food was a lot more than I expected, the simple things, like cold water still available on day 5 made the trip even better. The food was also of a high standard, cooked very well by the guides. I never felt that I was being short changed despite being on a camping holiday. I traveled nearly 5,000 miles to Green River on my sister’s recommendation and was not disappointed in any way. The 5 days were fantastic, or as you say in The States, “awesome”. I came for excitement and relaxation and I got both in the five days. I enjoyed it so much that I am already planning a return trip back next year. I would like to thank all for making my trip so memorable, one that I will never forget.

By Andrew Richley