Our most spectacular Cataract Trip!

Colorado River Rafting through Cataract Canyon in Canyonlands National Park

July 7-11, 2013

Spectacular Trip

Camping in Cataract Canyon


Karen did a great job of communicating and showing flexibility when necessary. Very helpful and easy going. Thanks! Most of our planning referenced the materials received in the mail, but I think that referring folks to the website helped convince a few people in our party to come along.

Your guides were great. Our trip leader Brin did a great job as the head guide! Ben, David, Sarah, Doug, and Rocky were also awesome! Everyone in the group felt the same way…just couldn’t have provided better guides for our most spectacular Cataract Canyon trip! Overall it was a super time with a super guiding company. I can tell you that the trip and the people exceeded our expectations!  We’ll be back!

Trip Review by Bud Potts