A Needed Change Of Pace From City Life

A River Rafting Trip Through Cataract Canyon, In Utah’s Canyonlands National Park

2010-08-17-Cataract-1339Everything was perfect! We rented the 2 person tent which (once showed how to set up) was very easy to assemble and disassemble. I loved the guides on our trip; we were fortunate to have Tilts, Ben, Evan, Kasey and Randy (Muffin) on our trip. What a great team, they were very professional, interesting and hard working. Even at the end of a long day of rowing I was amazed at their energy preparing dinner, running around to accommodate everyone’s desire (beer runs) and their good humor. It was truly a pleasure to spend 5 days on the river with them. There was the right amount of hikes, and the guides were informative about the hikes and the level of energy needed to complete them.


The food was terrific, I was impressed with the meals and couldn’t believe what would come out of those rafts at each meal time! The guides did an excellent job preparing the meals, and for sure no one went hungry. The meals were also well balanced nutritionally. My son and I had a fantastic vacation. We did the 4 night 5 day Green river Cataract Canyon trip. For me, the beauty of Canyonlands, the tranquility of going down the river the first few days, and the fun of the rapids was just the best. We had a great group of guides and the guests were a terrific bunch of people. I had never camped and found this experience a great one. It was best of all coming from 42nd street in NY City to have a total lack of people, noise and automation. It was a truly wonderful change of pace. Thanks for a one of a kind and great vacation.

By Sally & Derek Budde