River Rafting Through Canyonlands National Park In Utah’s Beautiful Cataract Canyon

August 31

HagerPhoto_20130624-554I brought my own gear, but your gear looked well maintained and in very good condition. Our crew, Brin, L.B., and Molly were a great TEAM. They were always working hard to accommodate all of us. They woke with smiles and ended the day with laughter. L.B. and Brin were excellent guides and MOLLY…what a great asset to our trip. She has the potential to be a great trip leader one day. Top notch people. They made great choices, were good leaders and had interpretation skill. All meals were well balanced, flavorful, well cooked and planned. The crew did a great job preparing and serving the meals. Excellent everything: equipment, guides, office staff and even Jacob who pushed us upstream on the lake was great. Your guides waited on us hand and foot, great customer service skills. Brin is exceptionally knowledgeable. He could answer every question everyone asked.You are blessed with such a great team. Thanks!

By Patty Ellwanger

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