The Food Blew Me Away

Rafting In Southern Utah Down Cataract Canyon, Canyonlands National Park

June 11

2010-08-16-Cataract-1059The guides were the greatest, they definitely made the trip. Thanks to Tilts, Muffin, Evan, Kasey, and Little Ben. I went on all the hikes except the last one prior to the big rapids day. Evan and Tilts gave very good narratives of the archaeological sites and the geology of Cataract Canyon. I never imagined that the food could be this fantastic. The Food Channel doesn’t have anything on these guides/cooks. Plus there was also an excellent variety of food dishes. After a week on the river, I was glad to see those two nice clean vans with A/C. The ride back to Green River was a breeze. My trip was very good for my health and well being, not to mention my soul. Keep up the fine work. Every employee that I encountered was most helpful and courteous. I will spread the good word about Holiday Expeditions. A+++!

By Jeff Meyer