The White Rim Trail is one of Utah’s most iconic desert bike rides, and the Maze District (also in Canyonlands National Park) is just one notch more rugged and spectacular. Both are trips that Holiday has been running for decades. It’s impossible to get tired of riding the same terrain when it is as impressive as these trails are, and when we get to share it with so many people who also appreciate these red rock paradises. You’ve written to tell us, again and again, about the pleasures of being “happily exhausted” and how much you appreciate the encouragement of our guides and their cooking skills in the backcountry! Here’s a selection of reviews from the last several years. We’re so glad you’ve enjoyed your trips. 


Rental Bike In Great Shape

I used a rental bike that was in great condition and met all expectations for the trip. I was very impressed with the continued maintenance that the guides performed while on the trip. At the end of each day, I felt happily exhausted and enthused by what I had done. The guides did a good job of getting guests of different levels the type and amount of activity that they desired. I would highly recommend this trip. It is a great way to get in and experience this remote area.

By Heath Waxman


Breathtaking Scenery

The office staff was very helpful! The Hike was enjoyable, but we didn’t reach our destination because we didn’t think we had enough time. Turns out we had plenty of time and could have hiked for another hour. Not a huge deal. We couldn’t have asked for a better trip. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking with canyons, mesas, rock formations, and wildflowers-all spectacular!

The guides were fun and took great care of our group, ensuring our bikes were in tiptop shape every day. The meals were delicious, and well-balanced, with as many servings as we wanted. A trip of a lifetime!

By Ryan Martinez


Like Being in a John Ford Western Movie

Both of your guides were professional and fun to be with. They added a nice level of experience and knowledge to our trip. They also handled adversity extremely well, from a flat tire to cleaning the mud out of the gears – my hat goes off to them. The guides were also very good cooks; some of the guys may have actually gained weight on the trip. The 3-day bike trip in Canyonlands National Park was like being in a John Ford western movie, except we got to do it on a mountain bike and ate like kings. I would do this trip again in a heartbeat!

By James Pittman

White Rim Trail


Brilliant Trip!

The guides were very helpful and knew the science and history of the area. Sean was especially encouraging. Our trip was cycling the White Rim Trail. Part of the trail was washed out, but the guides did a good job of making new plans. I have some food allergies and the meals were planned so that I had no problems. The food was great! My sister and I had a great trip! We are so glad to have had the opportunity and think that Holiday River handled the trip well.

By Anne Edgin


A Worry Free Vacation

The guides made the trip. It was very nice of you to accommodate my vegetarian needs! This was the most fun vacation I have ever been on! It was great to have a worry free vacation and not have to think about any logistics or planning. Everything seemed fun and spontaneous and I know that requires planning on the part of the guides. They took all the hassle and worry out of the trip and just let me have fun, fun, fun. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

By Sarah Uram


Utah Bucket List

We participated on the White Rim Trail portion of the SL Tribune and KUED’s documentary “The Utah Bucket List”.   Everything was 5 star.  Really!   Both Marcia, my wife, and I feel this was one of the all-time great experiences of our lifetimes.   A combination of dynamic and entertaining personalities combined with a magnificence of nature that has few peers and 4 days of gorgeous weather combined to create the perfect storm of ecstatic grandeur.   It really couldn’t have been more wonderful!

Trip review by Andy & Marcia


Amazing Downhill Stretches

Amazing downhill stretches on the first and third days. Delicious food and beautiful views the entire journey! Grueling uphill battles are few and far between, but they make the descents that follow much more rewarding. I am a better human being for having gone on this ADVENTURE!

By Grant Patton

Canyonlands white rim trail mountain bike tour


Amazingly Beautiful

Canyonlands is amazingly beautiful thanks to Mother Nature. Our trip was fun because the office staff was accommodating and responsive when we were making our plans. Also, the guides were well-prepared when we were out in the desert. Twelve friends will treasure this outing forever.

By Todd & Aimee Burrows


They kept the group positive and laughing!

I just wanted to let you know how much fun my sister, dad, and I had on our White Rim Trail trip that we took last weekend. The guides that were with us, Sean, Dustin, and Mike (Quigley), were awesome and made the trip a blast. They were super upbeat and helpful and made the trip so enjoyable. The last day we had a LOT of rain and the trail was really muddy which made for a long ride and they kept the group positive and laughing the whole way out. I wanted to pass along that they did a great job.

Trip Review by Heather Thompson


A trip to remember and cherish

This has been my 3rd mountain bike trip with Holiday River Expeditions, and each one has been a trip to remember and cherish. The Guides were just outstanding. They have a unique way of being a guide and also letting the guests be themselves, a perfect mix. The food was great, the atmosphere can’t be beaten, and I have no hesitation in reserving another trip or recommending a trip to friends and family.

Thanks for such a wonderful weekend. MC

Trip Review by  ~ M. Chardack


White Rim Poem

From start to finish, our White Rim trip was fantastic! Our guides, Dustin and Dave, were great. They were always making us feel at home, helping us with our bikes, cooking some truly fantastic meals, and answering our countless questions about geology and the constellations, etc… We shared our experience with 8 great guys from San Diego who were such fun. I think it is safe to say that we all suffered from post-ride depression. I find myself looking at all of the pictures on Shutterfly when I should be working. I even wrote a little White Rim poem about the trip:

Oh the White Rim is callin’

So we better not be fallin’

Because we need to ride, to gaze, and to be amazed

Sounds like next year, we should ride The Maze!!

We look forward to our next trip with Holiday

By Mike & Stacey Moyer

Women's River Trip White Rim Trall


Lasagna & Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

This was the best experience ever. Our guides; Julian and Brin, went above and beyond to make sure that we had a good time on our White Rim bike trip. Combine a comedian, a naturalist, a bike mechanic, and a backcountry chef and you have these two. And I do mean chef as the food was incredible! Who bakes lasagna and a chocolate peanut butter cake in the middle of nowhere? Awesome!

By Robert Johnson


Our Guides Worked Tirelessly

Brin and Ben did an outstanding job in being our guides.  They were very friendly, outgoing, organized, positive, and fun!!!  Both of them worked tirelessly the last day of our trip when we had to hike & bike through the washed-out areas of the switchbacks at Mineral Bottom.  They carried our bikes through these areas, which had to be exhausting, and they never complained. I’m somewhat scared of heights and they made me feel very comfortable and encouraged me through these areas. We were able to fit in a couple of hikes that made our trip even more enjoyable.

Brin and Ben did a great job in planning and preparing our meals.  The food was delicious!!!  We were so spoiled with having all of our food prepared, cleaned up, and taken care of. Our group is hoping to plan a trip for next year and we would definitely use Holiday!  Thanks for such a great trip!!!


By Bonnie Wanat