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River Currents is a blog open to many voices that have had a connection with the river and our trips. We want to share with you all the various things that go into making a whitewater or bike adventure so richly fulfilling; the science, the folklore, the policies & the poetry of wildness.

You’ll hear from our regular wilderness-nerd bloggers, Easton Smith, Kate Savage & Lauren Wood. You’ll also hear the the voice of guides whose lives have been shaped by their time on the river, guests who bring the perspectives that remind us why we’re still making these trips happen 50 plus years later.

Clark Planetarium Stargazing

Night Skies and Tom Beckett

January 16, 2020

Night Skies  I’m sitting on the rim of a vast canyon. Below me, unknown distance of dark abyss, to either…

Starry holiday Boat

Stargazing In Utah

June 6, 2019

If you want to gaze in wonder at the Milky Way… hunt for star clusters or connect the dots of…