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River Currents is a blog open to the many voices that have a connection with the river and our trips. Here, we share all the various things that go into making a whitewater or bike adventure so richly fulfilling: the science, the folklore, the policies, & the poetry of wildness.

You'll hear from our regular contributors such as Fred Swanson, Sawyer Smith, Jack Stauss, and Rica Fulton. You'll also hear from the voices of guides such as Susan Munroe and Justin Malloy, whose lives have been shaped by their time on the river, and from guests who bring the perspectives that remind us why we're still making these trips happen for 56 years and counting.

The Environment

Utah’s Drought: Heartbreaking, But Maybe Not Hopeless

January 5, 2023

By: Sawyer Smith If there is one thing residents of Utah, and the surrounding Southwestern states, have realized over the…

Jac rowing guests through Westwater

Specialty Trips

May 11, 2023

Holiday River Expeditions runs roughly 200 river trips every season (May-September), and about 20 of them are labeled as “Specialty…

Rafting Cataract P.J. Water

Connecting Rivers and Mountains

April 27, 2023

By: Anneka Williams  As a scientist, I study how climate change is impacting high-altitude and high-latitude ecosystems. I’ve conducted fieldwork…

flowers with landscape background

Rural Towns

April 13, 2023

By: Jack Stauss It’s no secret: rural towns across America are facing incredible challenges. From housing crises to changing economies,…