Yoga and Stand-Up Paddleboarding on the Colorado


Yoga & Stand-Up Paddleboarding – About This Trip


Yoga & Stand-Up Paddleboarding 
on the River with Katie Woods - Sept 5-8, 2019

Yoga + SUPs + Fitness on the Colorado through Ruby & Westwater Canyons

Join us for a 4-day 3-night rafting trip adventure on the Colorado River through Ruby and Westwater canyons. You'll be accompanied by Katie Woods who will lead morning and afternoon yoga sessions. You'll have time for learning and playing on our  stand-up paddleboards and inflatable kayaks, as well as hiking and relaxing.  The trip will be outfitted with oar rafts and we'll bring along several stand-up paddle boards and inflatable kayaks to share.  You can trade time between the paddle boards, inflatable kayaks, or relax in the oar rafts.  Once ashore there will be time for side-canyon hiking, stretching, yoga, and relaxing!  Your guides will take care of meal preparation and setting up the kitchen and common area.  Get ready to enjoy the beauty and grandeur of this section of the Colorado River.  It offers memorable sights such as pristine beaches, charming side canyons, and beautiful campsites.

Ruby and Westwater canyons are the perfect rafting trip for this type of adventure. You get the beauty and thrills of a traditional Colorado River rafting vacation with exciting Class IV rapids and the addition of a calm and gentle rafting experience in Ruby Canyon for paddle boarding and kayaking. Ruby and Westwater canyons are the ultimate location for four-days of paddling, kayaking and rafting fun.

Katie & ShinerKatie Woods

Katie Woods, MS, ATC, WEMT, RYT200

Katie completed her 200-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT) certification with Yoga Assets and strives to promote the company’s mission: “Teach Yoga Everywhere.” She originally sought a yoga teacher certification to supplement her role as an athletic trainer, but (as usual) the universe had bigger plans. Fully invested in ALL the benefits of yoga, she continues to write her story to focus on spreading yoga to Salt Lake with hopes of it expanding throughout the rest of the state, country, and world. She completed her RYT-500 in December 2017 with a group project focused on creating a yoga mindfulness and movement curriculum to offer to educators serving within the Utah school system.

Originally from West Virginia, Katie continues to develop her lifelong love and appreciation for the outdoors. As much of her free time as possible is spent in and around rivers, on her mountain or road bike, and/or relaxing with her dog Shiner. She has experience as a ski and snowboard instructor, ski patroller, whitewater raft guide, search and rescue team member, and wilderness medicine instructor. Katie is also a certified athletic trainer and teaches as a full-time professor in the undergraduate athletic training program at the University of Utah. She has provided athletic training services to a variety of individuals, from youth and recreational sport participants to those competing at the Olympic level. As a healthcare provider, Katie wholeheartedly believes that yoga has the power to fix many (if not all) of the problems we see in our communities today.

“Yoga is so much more than photographs of bendy people with spiritual quotes on fabulously landscaped backdrops. Yoga IS for EVERY mind, body and spirit. The practical applications for longevity and health as well as the daily grind are abundant. The more I learn about yoga, the more I see yoga EVERYWHERE. It’s exciting to watch yoga weave throughout my day-to-day and I love helping others notice even the small things in every moment.”

Trip Overview


Location: Colorado River Westwater Canyon
Type: Rafting
Length: 4 Days
Dates: Sept 5-8, 2019
Meet At: Green River, UT
Rating: Intermediate
Age Min: 12
Deposit: $300 ea

Trip Highlights


Rafting Trip w/Stand-up Paddle Boards and Yoga HIGHLIGHTS

  • Great introduction to river rafting trips and stand-up paddle boarding
  • Excellent choice for solo travelers
  • Exciting class III & IV whitewater rapids
  • Enjoy an active adventure with yoga, hiking, paddling, kayaking & more
  • Stunning wilderness canyon with unique rock formations

Price & Departure Date

4-Day Trip

Adult – $985.00
*$20 BLM Fees per person.

2019 Trip Date

Sept 5-8, 2019

Also Scheduled upon request with 8 or more!

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Loma, in rural, western Colorado, is the jumping-off point for Horsethief and Ruby canyons. The river winds back toward Utah through smooth, domed sandstone and farm land. Just past the Westwater Ranger Station, 25 miles into the trip, the river begins sawing through billion-year-old black rock that creates the rapids of Westwater Canyon. The take-out is just down the road from Cisco, Utah, a real western ghost town.



Every river trip we run is a one-of-a-kind adventure. Our itineraries vary depending on the interests of the group, the campsites we are assigned, weather, and other unpredictable elements. Here's one possible itinerary for a four-day trip through Ruby and Westwater Canyons.

Day 1-2:  First stop is in Green River, Utah, at our warehouse, at 8:00 a.m. Mountain Time. We'll hand out waterproof bags and you'll have time to buy any last minute items from our store (check out our packing checklist for items we have available). Next it's into the vans and heading west to the put-in at Loma. It's a two-hour ride through prairie dog and pronghorn country, with plenty of geology to discuss with your guides.  Once on the river, you can choose from lounging on an oar-powered raft, or paddling your own inflatable kayak or stand-up paddle board (SUP). The first two days are all about calm water and soft, sandstone walls, buttes, and spires. Explore Rattlesnake Canyon or hike to an overlook from camp. Stretch out with an afternoon or evening yoga session.

Day 3:  Take advantage of Katie Woods' experience to work on your SUP techniques. Practice combining your yoga with your paddling on the flat water during the first half of the day. Later in the day the river enters Westwater Canyon: narrow, black, and beautiful. Paddle or swim through small rapids before arriving at camp deep within the black rocks.

Day 4:  Watch the sun rise on the canyon wall; look for peregrine falcons along the cliff edges. After breakfast, we'll load up the personal water craft and rig the raft for the grand finale: a splashy sequence of class III and IV rapids, including Big Hummer, Funnel Falls, Surprise, and the big names: Skull and Sock-it-to-me. Below the rapids, we'll have lunch and soak up the sun before rowing the last stretch to the Cisco boat ramp, near the almost-ghost town by the same name. A 45-minute drive gets us back to our Green River headquarters between 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Please keep in mind that this is a sample itinerary and not an exact description of your trip. The intent is to give a general idea of what your trip may entail. Rest assured, if you're not doing these things, it's because you're doing other amazing things! It's why our motto is "Go With the Flow"!


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