Balance and Flow Wellness Trips in Utah

Yoga Wellness Trips

The natural world has a healing power. It’s connected to an ancient understanding of wellness that each of us carries deep inside. In the rush of our day-to-day lives, however, it can be hard to find the time and space to pause and reconnect with that sense of wellness. With this in mind, Holiday has created a series of Balance and Flow yoga wellness trips. We know better than most how to go with the flow of nature. Our river and bike trips will lead you into spectacular wilderness settings, far from the chaos of the modern world.

We’ve designed a wide selection of trips to nurture your body and mind as well as your soul. Balance exercise with education in Cataract Canyon on a trip that combines yoga, stand-up paddleboarding, and stargazing in Canyonlands National Park, an International Dark Sky Park. If moving meditation is your thing, ride along with expert facilitator Katie Woods in the San Rafael Swell for four days of mountain biking and yoga. Looking for more of a spiritual journey? Join Rebecca Wildbear in Desolation Canyon for her own particular brand of Wild Yoga.

If you crave personal enrichment over physical, paint your way down the Green River with artist Suze Woolf on our Women’s watercolor workshop.  These longer, multi-day trips let maximize your time in the wilderness. No matter which Balance and Flow trip you choose, the rivers and canyons are sure to provide the quiet you need to rediscover your inner peace.

Women’s River Rafting & Yoga

July 9–12, 2020 (4 days): The Green River through Lodore Canyon is the perfect trip for the adventurous soul wanting to dive into the world of river rafting, kayaking, hiking, yoga, and more. Find your way to better fitness through playing in the natural world. Your leader, Katie Woods, will guide you in morning and evening yoga sessions. During the day, enjoy Lodore’s unique gifts: gorgeous scenery, exciting and fun intermediate-level rapids, side-canyon hiking, and 44 miles of laughter, discovery, challenge, and triumph. You’ll enjoy our crew of female rafting guides who understand the nature of the journey. Join us on this women-only rafting adventure.

Wild Yoga with Rebecca Wildbear

Aug 20-24, 2020 (5 days): On your Green River journey through Lodore Canyon, you will enjoy yoga on the river with Rebecca Wildbear and live within the deep intelligence of the river. Earth is always dreaming and inviting us to dive into our own dream stream. You’ll be invited to enter the underworld river of your own life and open to non-ordinary ways of perceiving, to immerse yourself in the presence and wisdom of the river, and surrender into the heart of your own particular way of belonging to the world.

Women’s Watercolor Workshop

Sept 3-7, 2020 (5 days): Holiday is pleased to offer an artistic journey down the Green River through Labyrinth Canyon. Join artist Suze Woolf and learn the ways of watercolor painting "en plein air". Be inspired by the dramatic scenery of the Green River and its remarkable canyons and land forms. Learn about the people who painted their own art on the rocks thousands of years ago from Holiday’s guides (who are also expert interpreters!). This fully catered river trip will feed your heart, soul, and mind. AND: Holiday will donate a portion of the trip proceeds to the Great Old Broads for Wilderness in support of all that they do to protect our wild landscapes.

Cataract Canyon SUPs, Stargazing, & Yoga

September 14–19, 2020 (6 days): Join our facilitators and guides on the Colorado River in Cataract Canyon for stargazing, paddle boarding, and yoga in the heart of Canyonlands, an International Dark Sky Park. Watch the stars emerge above the canyon walls and learn about the constellations at night. Stretch out in optional morning and evening yoga sessions, and float the days away on stand-up paddleboards, inflatable kayaks, and oar rafts. This six-day trip on the Colorado River includes three full days of calm water to learn and play on the stand-up paddleboards, and builds to a grand, whitewater finale! (Want more days on the water? Combine this trip with our Labyrinth Canyon stargazing trip, September 10–14.)

San Rafael Swell Mountain Biking, Stargazing, & Yoga

October 9–12, 2020 (4 days): Follow Holiday’s local experts through Utah’s best kept secret, the San Rafael Swell. Ride your bike along gravel roads and four-wheel-drive tracks to ancient pictographs and mining claims. Camp on mesa-tops with sweeping views of the Swell as well as the pristine dark sky. Stretch your biking muscles with yoga sessions led by Salt Lake City instructor Katie Woods. Shorter fall days mean late-blooming flowers, changing leaves, and the opportunity to learn new constellations as the summer stars set and the winter stars begin to rise.