Wellness Yoga Trips in Utah

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 Wild Yoga on the Green River
 Women’s Yoga Retreat 
 Stand-up Paddleboarding & Yoga

Wellness Yoga Trips

There is a healing that’s just asking for our presence, a wellness that always awaits our focus. Our deepest and most foundational experiences lie just beyond this body that we inhabit, just past the pavement that we tread on every day. This is why Holiday River Expeditions has created a series of “Balance and Flow” wellness river trips that are centered around healing practices and nature emersion. We want to expand upon the adventure and relaxation that is already a part of every river trip by honing in on spiritual and physical healing through natural energy, movement and nutrition. And this isn’t just woo woo stuff…

Yoga & Bike w/ Katie Woods

May 11-14, 2019  4-days on the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park ~ Join us for 4 days of Moab’s best multi-day mountain biking.  You’ll bike 90 miles on this trip enjoying spectacular scenery in the heart of Canyonlands National Park.  At the end of the day you will have the opportunity to be lead in stretching and yoga by Salt Lake City Yoga Instructor Katie Woods.  Morning and lunch sessions will also be available.  Bike, hike, yoga and adventure!

Wild Yoga w/ Rebecca Wildbear

June 3-8, 2019  6-days on the Green River through Desolation Canyon ~ On this 6-day journey, you will awaken your wild animal body and live within the deep intelligence of the river. Earth is always dreaming and inviting us to dive into our own dream stream. You’ll be invited to enter the underworld river of your own life and open to non-ordinary ways of perceiving, to immerse yourself in the presence and wisdom of the river, and surrender into the heart of your own particular way of belonging to the world.

Women’s River & Yoga

July 19-22, 2018  4-days on the Colorado river through Ruby & Westwater Canyons ~ The perfect trip for the adventurous soul wanting to dive into the world of rafting, kayaking, hiking and more.  Find your way to better fitness through playing in the natural world.  Your leader, Kathleen Leopardi has found that and more through her own personal wilderness adventures and practice of helping people reach their best selves.  She owns Personal Fitness Zone in Salt Lake City, UT. This trip takes place on the Colorado River through Westwater Canyon.  54 miles of laughter, discovery, challenge and triumph.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding trip

Stand-up Paddleboarding & Yoga

Aug 9-12, 2018  4-days on the Colorado River through Ruby & Westwater Canyons ~ Join Melanie Webb owner of Sol Fitness Adventures for some Stand-up Paddleboarding & Yoga fun.  Melanie will offer tips and instruction on paddleboarding as well as fitness and yoga. This 4 day trip on the Colorado is the perfect setting to learn offering 2 calm water days and 1 day with some small rapids.  On day 4 we’ll trade in the individual craft for a Guided Oar raft for some all out whitewater fun!