Sea Kayaking & Island Hopping in Baja Mexico

About This Trip

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the desert islands that dot the Sea of Cortez? What about island hopping Baja Mexico and exploring their uninhabited shores and wildlife-rich waters? Well this trip can take you there! We’ll camp on five and visit more than 10 different islands as we travel between La Paz and Loreto. Travel from island to island will be via motorized boats while exploration of the islands will be by kayak, snorkel and on foot. Sea kayakinh in Baja Mexico has never been this exciting!

Expect to see dolphins by the hundreds, sea lions sunning on rocky pinnacles, mantas leaping from the water’s surface and on spring trips very possibly blue, humpback, sperm or fin whales as we cruise from island to island. Upon arrival at each island camp, we’ll launch our kayaks, don our masks and snorkels, or hike to a pinnacle for a look at each extraordinary new island. Espiritu Santo, Los Islotes, San Francisco, Pardito, San Jose, Puerto Gato, Santa Catalina, Montserrat and Danzante are just a few of our destinations.

Explore the giant barrel cactus of Santa Catalina and the fossilized shell beach of Montserrat, snorkel with the playful sea lions of Los Islotes, kayak below the smooth, red sandstone cliffs of San Jose and into the hidden coves and white sand beaches of San Francisco. You will also get to visit the tranquil fishing villages of Pardito and Tembabichi. On this trip you’ll get to see it all, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the magic of the islands in the Sea of Cortez with your local Baja experts, Mar Y Aventuras.

Trip Overview

Location: Baja, Mexico
Type: Sea Kayaking
Length: 9 Days
Dates: March, April, October, November
Meet At: La Paz to Loreto, Baja
Rating: Beginner, Intermediate
Age Min: 5
Deposit: $500

Trip Prices

$1,495 per person

Single supplement fee additional
$115 hotel & tent, $25 tent only

Departure Dates

March, April, October, November

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Holiday River Expeditions
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Janie, Sally, and "Skippo" on Holiday River Expeditions

Another great excursion! La Paz quarters were A-1! The crew was super and Carlos did just a wonderful job! Food was excellent, water superb, weather was just a touch hot but sure beats smog! Even caught a few fish. Last nights dinner was good too! Our compliments to Mary and Ricardo for selecting and training such a great group of guys! It's really been fun seeing you two grow your business and we thoroughly enjoy being a part of it. Well, back to re-entry! Looking forward to next year! Thanks again. Good job, very well done!

by Kris Larson on Holiday River Expeditions

As someone who has done self-supported trips for 30 years, I cannot imagine how I could replicate the trip we did without support. How could I carry enough water in my own kayak? I suppose I could, but it certainly wouldn't be the pleasant, playful experience that I was able to have. And to go to several islands...If I wanted to kayak from point A to point B, who would drive my motor boat from point A to point B? And if I COULD find someone to drive my motor boat, who would be as skilled at driving in the ocean as Chuy? But even if I just kayaked up the coast & was willing to lug all my own water... this age, I am just UberAppreciative of ice in my cocktails. And perhaps the biggest point – our trip changed on the fly almost hourly to adjust for weather. Too windy to kayak? We'll go for a walk in the desert and kayak later. Too hot to walk? We'll motor over to a protected cove and snorkel. The thing is, too, that the guides are SOooooo GOOD. Many people in our party had NEVER kayaked. I have years of kayaking experience, but it is all whitewater. Ocean kayaking is different. The guides were very safety conscious and made everyone feel comfortable. They worked with each individual to give support where needed and then allowed as much independence as desired. On top of that, they were unbelievably knowledgeable about the local flora, fauna, geology & culture. If it were possible at all, it would take YEARS of experience to replicate this trip without guides.

by Kris Larson on Holiday River Expeditions

The big selling point for all of us on the trip, was that it is an opportunity for families/friends of dissimilar athletic abilities to get together in a fabulous setting. Someone can run a 50k in the desert, kayak 20 miles, and snorkel, while another one might lay on the beach & read novels/drink margaritas, and even though the guides speak impeccable English, another one could use the trip as an intensive Spanish class. One can do any group activity or go off on one's own. It is one of the few opportunities that I've seen where families could get together in a fabulous setting so inexpensively and not be on top of one another, as they might in a big beach house. There's also a ton [***A TON***] to be said for not having the burden or stress of organizing activities or food for a large group."

--Kris Larson, Island hopping, 2010

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