by Julie K. Trevelyan


River rafting has a whole host of super coolness that attracts people. From the whitewater rapids to the tall canyon walls to the deep intimacy with our beautiful natural world, a rafting adventure offers bucket loads of fun. We decided to round up a few of our favorite things about rafting trips. In this portion we talk about the beauty of a silent float.


There is something utterly magical about floating a river in silence. Listening only to the breeze, the warbling sound of a canyon wren, the gentle riffles and eddies of the water. The light slap of a small wave against the raft are noises easily missed if we are talking or giggling or laughing. Drifting down one of the beautiful rivers of the West encased in silence. Having only thoughts and sensations for distraction, brings about a deeper contemplation and appreciation of the river, the canyon, the journey.


Next time you take a river rafting trip, ask if there can be a silent float during part of one day. The experience may awaken you to a new perception of these very special adventures on the river. Go with the flow, and enjoy the quiet ride.



Julie Trevelyan Written by Julie Trevelyan.

Julie is a freelance writer and wilderness guide in southern Utah. She especially enjoys books, coffee, yoga, wild country, horses, and dark chocolate.

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