by Julie K. Trevelyan

River rafting trips have a whole host of super coolness that attracts people. From the Colorado River whitewater rapids to the tall canyon walls to the deep intimacy with our beautiful natural world, a rafting adventure offers bucket loads of fun. We decided to round up a few of our favorite things about rafting trips.

Getting away from it all on a river rafting adventure is a big draw. Something else that attracts plenty of guests? Someone else does the cooking! No need for you to plan, chop, or prepare any part of the meal. Just sit down and eat.

In fact, watching the guides make your food can be a little highlight of the trip as well. Food prep at Holiday River Expeditions is a well-oiled machine, and the way the guides set it up can be a thing of organizational beauty. Just wait for an omelette morning and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

Now, go on. Just get out on that river rafting trip and enjoy yourself. Your meals are in very good hands, and it’s wonderful knowing for once, those hands don’t have to be yours.

Who bakes lasagna and a chocolate peanut butter cake in the middle of nowhere? Awesome!

~Robert Johnson

I must really commend Holiday for the food, and of course, the guides who did all the cooking. It isn’t easy to satisfy the many palates of people but you guys did a great job of it. All the fresh veggies and fruit make a healthy meal. Thank you.

~ Mary Gavan

River Guide Zack Colman cooking up Big Drop Omelets. Photo credit: Mike Libecki




Julie TrevelyanWritten by Julie Trevelyan.

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