by Julie K. Trevelyan


River rafting has a whole host of super coolness that attracts people. From the whitewater rapids to the tall canyon walls to the deep intimacy with our beautiful natural world, a rafting adventure offers bucket loads of fun. We decided to round up a few of our favorite things about rafting trips.



Choosing your own campsite is an unexpectedly fun part of a river rafting or mountain biking trip with Holiday River Expeditions. When you pull into camp and grab your gear after it’s unloaded, the guides direct you toward the campsites area. Which one to choose? Up high or down low? Close to the river on a raft trip? Near the canyon rim on a bike trip? Away from all snorers? Close to the kitchen so you don’t miss the call of “Hot coffee!” ringing out in the morning?


For those who have never camped outside before, picking the right site might seem intimidating at first. With a little direction from the guides or other experienced campers, however, you can point your feet to just the perfect spot to lay your head tonight and have a peaceful slumber.


Wandering through the campsites, you keep your eyes focused on the flat spots, searching for the perfect one. This one is shaded by a juniper tree. That one offers superb views. The one over there will be greeted by first morning’s light, while the one over here will let you be lulled to sleep by the whoosh and burble of the river just beyond. If you’re a little nervous about things that might go bump in the night, there’s probably a great area close to the comforts of the the kitchen and other people. If you prefer more privacy, wandering a little up that hill over there reveals a tucked-away place.


Take the time to really enjoy the campsite as you pick out your spot. There’s a reason these campsites are used—they’re beautiful, serene, and kept very clean by high standards practiced by everyone traveling on the rivers or the backcountry bike trails. Trust me, you’ll know the best little spot for your tent as soon as you see it. It will be the one that says, rest here for the night. Sweet dreams!


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