River Rafting Expeditions in UT & CO

For over 55 years Holiday River Expeditions has gone with the flow and away from motors on our whitewater river rafting trips.

Our multi-day whitewater rafting and mountain biking trips offer more than an escape. You’ll experience an unforgettable adventure and a connection to the natural world that transcends expectations. With extensive experience, thoughtful planning, and professional delivery, you’re in good hands with Holiday.

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Colorado Plateau Map

The Land.

Holiday River Expeditions operates in the gorgeous Colorado Plateau and its surrounding areas.

The Colorado Plateau is a landscape like no other on the planet. We explore all of its major rivers. The awesome sandstone and thrilling whitewater of the Colorado. The majesty and cool waters of the Green. The historical and geological marvel of the San Juan. The wild, winding, whimsical Yampa. They are the lifeforce of this desert wonderland and their canyons can offer a multitude of transcendent experiences. Places like Canyonlands National Park, containing The Maze and the White Rim, are playgrounds for desert adventurers. If magic exists in this world, it is abundant throughout the plateau, beckoning you to connect, explore, and go with the flow!

Explore The Environment

Signature Trips.

We have grown our river rafting operation with quality staff and gear to get to all of the best escapes across the Colorado Plateau and beyond.

Our diverse trip options allow us to set you and your friends & family up for unforgettable experiences, whether it’s whitewater rafting trips in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho, or mountain biking in the desert and mountains of Moab.

Meet the Guides and check out our Impeccable Gear

“Sue and I, our guides, staff, and you—our guests—have a common bond that has strengthened Holiday as an entity. We are all humbled by nature’s power, strengthened by its energy, challenged by its integrity and grounded by its loftiness.”
Dee & Sue Holladay

5–6 day Cataract Canyon

Rafting in extremes: tranquility balanced with thrills on the Colorado River

4 day Gates of Lodore

Majestic scenery, splashy whitewater, and abundant wildlife on the Green River

4–5 day Yampa River Rafting

A world-class adventure into the wild of Dinosaur National Monument

2–3 day Westwater Canyon

All the best aspects of Colorado River rafting in a shorter time frame

5–6 day Desolation Canyon

A perfectly balanced family getaway on the Green River

3–5 day San Juan River

Archaeological wonders and geologic marvels in the Four Corners Area

3–4 day White Rim Trail

The best way to experience Canyonlands National Park on two wheels

6 day Whitewater Kayak Workshop

Grow your skills and unlock your inner adventurer in Desolation Canyon


The Holiday Way

“The Holiday Way” is more than a catchphrase—it’s a way of life. The Holiday Way is how we interact with the world, both as a business and as human beings. It began with our founders, Dee and Sue Holladay, and their passion for the world around them, and it’s still going strong, over 55 years later.

The Holiday Way is going with the flow, running river trips without motors. The rush of the wind, a chatty raven, or a churning rapid are the sounds that will define your trip. It’s award-winning environmental stewardship. It is a family-owned and operated company: big enough to have an impact, but small enough to provide personalized service. It’s well-trained guides who strive to do things the right way, every time. It’s comfortable gear and efficient operations. We’ve had more than 55 years to design systems and equipment that keep us working at the top of our game.

The Holiday Way is an open invitation to come float with us, to become literate in the landscapes that define us. We believe strongly that the best way to experience the world is by going out into it. “You have to go to know,” Dee always said. We’ll take you there.