By: Justin Malloy


What should one do to prepare for a multi-day mountain biking adventure? It’s been on your bucket list for years and now you’re finally doing it… time to set yourself up for the best experience possible! Here are 5 tips everyone should be sure to follow to make the most of your bike trip:



Riding the White Rim

Don’t wait until the first day of your trip to start training for your ride! This tip may seem obvious, but is critically important. The miles, climbs, sand, and heat that come along with multi-day biking trips make for difficult riding, and any time you can spend on your bike leading up to your trip will make the riding more enjoyable. By Day 3, your legs and lungs will thank you!






Check and Tune Your Bike

Tuning Bike Maze District

In addition to making sure your body is ready to go, you will want to make sure your bike is ready to go as well. Few things would be worse than arriving at the trail head for a four-day trip, only to realize your derailleur is broken or that your brakes need adjusting. Our guides may be expert bike mechanics, but there is only so much they can do on the trail. Spending the time or money on a pre-trip tune-up would be well spent!






Wear Padded Bike Shorts

Bike Shorts Holiday River Expeditions -Tips to Get the Most From Your Bike Trip

While a helmet is the only item that riders need to wear on our trips, most people would argue that for a long ride, a pair of padded bike shorts is a necessary item as well. Bike saddles are not designed to be comfortable; rather, they promote the use of one’s leg muscles and limit the possibility of bruising and chafing. Wearing padded bike shorts won’t interfere with the saddle’s function, but will help prevent some leg and bum soreness!





Bring the Comforts of Home

Relaxation Holiday River Expeditions - Tips to Get the Most From Your Bike Trip

We all have certain rewards we look forward to giving ourselves after a long ride… be it a sweet treat, cold beverage, or some time on our yoga mat. There’s no need to leave any of that behind on a Holiday bike trip! With space to spare, our support van can bring the comforts of home to our guests in the back country.





Don’t Forget a Towel!

Everyone loves a nice shower after a hot day of riding bikes, so Holiday tries to accommodate with a solar shower! Strapped to the roof and warming in the sun all day, the shower is one of the first things set up at camp each night. While it may not be as luxurious as the one in your home, rinsing the dirt off and putting on some clean clothes will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to mingle. It will also keep your sleeping bag smelling clean and fresh for the whole trip!



Justin Malloy BloggingOriginally from the suburbs near Cleveland, Ohio, Justin made his way to Utah after graduating from Ohio University with a degree in exploring and having fun… If not on the river or in the kitchen, you’ll find him wandering the mountains, drinking coffee, or writing down words he hopes will come across as sensical.