by Julie K. Trevelyan

Summer is winding down. School is starting back up. But wait—all outdoor adventure hope is not yet lost. River rafting trips still beckon in August and September. Here are some excellent reasons to consider going on a Holiday late-season whitewater rafting trip.

LIB_35991. Gentle pace.

 Later in the year, water flow has slowed down since the early season snowmelt is done. If you prefer gentle roller coaster river waves, a contemplative float that allows ample time to take in the sights, or are a little nervous about whitewater, August and September are good months to hop in the boat and launch with Holiday.

2. Quieter participants.

When school is back in session, the energetic kids are not on board. If you’re seeking more serenity in the river canyons, this is the time of year to go. Many trips might not have a single kid along, which for some river rafters means the ultimate getaway.

3. Slightly cooler temps.

 With the blistering days of summer now more reasonable, you’re able to river raft without being either a) covered up like a desert-trekking nomad or b) at the pitiless mercy of the sun. Still, bring your sunscreen and your hats, but know that you can enjoy the days without battling quite as strong sunshine.

4. Ditch the crowds.

Ah, the solitude and quiet. Fewer people crowd the riverways in the late season. For you, this means more nature, less human noise, greater relaxation. Win, win, and win!

5. Never fear, the water still flows well.

 Water flows are still good, which means just enough thrills for the true adventure seeker. The Colorado River through Westwater Canyon, Cataract Canyon, and the Green River through Lodore Canyon are all good late-season choices.

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Julie TrevelyanWritten by Julie Trevelyan.

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