Holiday River Expeditions has been running rivers in Idaho for over 35 years. With the help of owner Frogg Stewart and our Idaho guides showing our guests the beauty of the environment, there are a lot of reasons we enjoy floating the Main Salmon and Middle Fork in Idaho. These are just the Top 15 things we love about Idaho River Rafting.

1. It’s easy to find “the flow” in Idaho with big wide open spaces.

2. Pristine alpine canyons with clear running rivers.

3. Plenty of white water action for the big folks.

15 things we love - whitewater

4. Plenty of paddling fun for the little folks.

5. Time to find solitude and truly relax.

15 things we love - beaches

6. Time to get the adrenaline pumping and get wet!

7.  Find your inner kid and let go.

8. Plenty of natural bonding happens on the river.

9. Cool historical stops along the way.

15 things we love - history

10. Awesome camping spots on the Salmon River to unwind and mingle.

11.   Delicious meals prepared by your Idaho river guides.

15 things we love - the Meals

12.  Idaho river rafting makes folks of all ages jump for joy.

Idaho Rafting Group

13. It’s where the wild things are.

15 things we love about Idaho rafting

14. Crazy good river guides!

15 things we love - river guides

15. It’s where you’ll find Frogg.  (Our Idaho owner)

There you have it! 15 Things We Love About Idaho River Rafting. Join us in Idaho for 5 & 6 Day Main Salmon River trips, 4 & 5 day Salmon River Canyon Trips, or the 8-day Ultimate Idaho Adventure!