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Pound for pound, the San Juan is one of the fastest moving rivers in the United States, dropping an average of eight feet per mile.  Sandstone and limestone walls frame the narrow canyon as the river snakes through the countless goosenecks for which it is famous.  The left bank of the river borders the present day Navajo Nation, while filled with sacred sites from the ancient pueblo civilizations of the past.  Scores of ancestral sites and petroglyphs line the canyon walls. This river also boasts the birthplace of commercial river running in 1938 when Norman Nevils began operating trips from Mexican Hat through the Grand Canyon.

The San Juan, with a lot of small rapids, perfect for children, is especially known for sand waves which appear to rise from nowhere due to shifting sand on the bottom of this fast moving stream.  These make for a particularly thrilling ride in an inflatable kayak.

The first time I went down the San Juan was with a group of boatmen. It was hard to read the map because the scenery was so amazing . . . the water was moving so fast. It made us dizzy because our heads were busy snapping from one side of the river to the other to see the next scenic attraction.

Dee Holladay, Holiday River’s 1975 Reconnaissance Trip


  • Explore slickrock and prehistoric Indian ruins
  • Classic Southern Utah desert environment, warm water
  • Perfect rafting for children and inflatable kayaks

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Average rating:  
 35 reviews

I just got back from a 5-day San Juan river trip with the Sierra Club. What a delightful experience! The Holiday guides (Dave, Jim, Jessica, Sandy, Coulter and Callie) were affable, able and ALWAYS there to enhance our enjoyment of this magical place. The food was delicious and plentiful. I'd be back on the river with Holiday tomorrow if I didn't have to work...

by Genevieve Gribble on Blank Business Name

I really enjoyed my trip. It was rainy for one day but the guides were good-humored and we just went with the flow. It really worked out.

by Amy Stephenson on Blank Business Name

Sarah and Jessica were fun, knowledgeable and had extensive knowledge of rafting and water safety as well as crisis management. I had never been rafting before this trip and I felt completely safe under their supervision. The food was phenomenal! Healthy and delicious! Overall, it was a fun adventure with entertaining, patient, and professional guides, high-quality gear, delicious food, and breathtaking scenery. I won't hesitate to recommend Holiday in the future!

by Evelyn Cox on Blank Business Name

This was an unforgettable experience! The guides were amazing, they provided wonderful food, exceptional service, and fantastic expertise. They took extra care with food preparation just for me, because I have gluten intolerance. They went out of their way to make sure I felt safe when eating and they kept the atmosphere fun, light, and inviting. The hikes they took us on were wonderful, and all guides were a wealth of knowledge. It was an amazing trip.

by Paula Monaco on Blank Business Name

Our guides were terrific, (Jessica and Sara), I would love to go again if I knew I could go with either of them. The food was outstanding: little touches like fresh limes and cilantro and milk for coffee were appreciated.

by Anna Madry on Blank Business Name

The gear you provide is great! The food was amazing for the river! The Holiday guides were amazing. We had such a great time. They provided knowledge about the areas we hiked! The kayaks were super fun to float on. And the food was second to none!!

by Ashley Olea on Blank Business Name

This was my second trip with Holiday. The second trip met the high expectations set by the first!

by Melissa Trevino on Blank Business Name

The whole thing was fantastic! Wonderful guides, delicious food, awesome hikes to petroglyphs and ruins, everything! I am so glad I got to do this! The whole experience was life-changing!

by Jennifer Olson on Blank Business Name

We had an amazing time. The guides were over the top fantastic. I learned so much from Jessica and had the best laughs with Emily. I was awed by Sandy and totally impressed with Sarah Potts and her leadership qualities and her mindfulness.

by Natalie Nielson Riep on Blank Business Name

The guides were amazing. I particularly appreciated Sarah. This was an amazing trip. I can't image going with any other organization. The guides, food and river were amazing.

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