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Our 3-day trips are scheduled upon request.

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Let Holiday River Expeditions take you on an exciting 3-day Cataract Canyon rafting trip, where you’ll see some of the most amazing whitewater in North America. This three-day whitewater rafting trip includes riding the thrilling Big Drop Rapids with Little Niagara and Satan’s Gut…an unforgettable experience.

Our three-day and two nights Cataract Canyon trip gives you the fun and exhilaration of our longer 5 and 6 day trip. This excursion is a great way to experience whitewater rafting at its best in a short time frame. We take a morning jet boat ride down the upper section of the Colorado River, and then transfer to our oar rafts above the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers. Next we journey deep into the red rock country of Canyonlands National Park.


  • Explore the heart of Canyonlands
  • Classic Southern Utah Red Rock Desert Environment
  • Immense Rolling Whitewater Waves

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Average rating:  
 13 reviews
by Joan & Cristy VanAtta on Blank Business Name

FABULOUS TRIP down Cataract Canyon, everything was PERFECT!! GREAT guides, good food, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking and of course spectacular scenery and rapids… An EPIC off-the-grid vacation for me and my family. Thank you Holiday, we will be back. 

by Parish Dobson on Blank Business Name

Astounding guides!! Skilled, patient, kind, informed and they were great cooks!! I can't imagine a better run trip than the one we took down Cataract Canyon with Holiday River Expeditions. They were professional on every level.

by Andrew & Leigh Ann Morse on Blank Business Name

A river trip offers families the opportunity to see stunning landscapes and to re-connect with children and adults of all ages. There is nothing electronic, the natural environment, conversations and sunshine. It is simply magical.

by Janna Lauer on Blank Business Name

Guides and food were over the top. Julian is an outstanding chef and leader. Trevor was always thorough and when asked a question would come back with maps and knowledge. Max was an expert boatman, kind and generous. I was worried to try the rapids in Cataract Canyon. No worries, being with Holiday River Expeditions set my mind at ease. Set in the most beautiful place on the planet, with outstanding, strong capable guides. Julian, Max and Trevor were the Iron Chefs of the Outback, making each meal a masterpiece. They were kind, capable and expert rafters and guides. The experience was transformational.

by Edith & Henry McHenry on Blank Business Name

The freshness of the food exceeded our expectations. Everything was absolutely dee-licious! Our first whitewater rafting trip but not our last! The guides were personable, knowledgeable and competent. Moreover, they prepared excellent meals. We particularly enjoyed the hikes, the petroglyphs and the bighorn sheep sighting.

by Kenneth McCauley on Blank Business Name

I liked that I did not have to bring the camping equipment. Your staff and website made it easy to plan the trip and the guides were very skilled. The trip was very exciting and enjoyable. Meeting new people on the trip was a plus. The varied backgrounds of the other rafters made the trip very interesting. My sons and I had a great time.

by Sarah Delaloye on Blank Business Name

The guides were absolutely professional from the beginning to the end of the trip. Our raft trip was Cataract Canyon with high water. The guides gave us the ride of our life and kept all the rafters in the boat. They really knew what they were doing.

by Daniel J Quigley on Blank Business Name

My wife and I had an awesome time on our Cataract Canyon trip. The scenery was amazing, as were the guides and the food they prepared for us. This was our first raft trip, which made us a bit nervous about running Class V rapids but we had tremendous confidence in the guides who made it seem like a walk in the park (albeit wearing safety gear and holding on tight).

by Kristen Quigley on Blank Business Name

First time on the river. It was a positive experience! We had high water levels. Guides were confident and stressed safety. They made us feel so comfortable. I hope to come back!

by John Phillips on Blank Business Name

The guides we had, Molly & Russ, are absolutely great. This is the second time I have have had them as guides and I learn things from them and I have been guiding my own canoe expeditions for 20-years. The food was over the top...wonderful and more than enough to go around for seconds. All other aspects of the trip where first class. I'll be back...count on it.

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