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Join Kathleen Leopardi-Anderson, owner of Personal Training Zone on our Lodore Canyon rafting trip for women. This tip will combine stretching, core work along with the peaceful meditation of Yoga with the exceptional natural beauty of the Green River. Each morning, we invite you to relax and breathe in the cool fresh air while reflecting upon the steep canyon walls and lush green forests surrounding us.

Our Yoga exercises will include practicing postures of strengthening our inner woman while we calm our mind. The peaceful and exquisite Lodore Canyon is an amazing place to restore both body and soul. We invite you to leave all your worries and your busy lifestyle behind and return to a more natural way of life for a few days as we journey down the Green River.

“Women tend to relax more by virtue of it being all women,” admits guide Jen Davison. “A frivolity and relaxation happens as well as a kind of empowerment.” Empowerment and transformation evolve as guests take on an outdoor-river environment, perhaps for the first time, find nourishment in nature, and witness skilled female guides tackle the river, with opportunities to row themselves. The guides will lead side canyon hiking, give the guest room for solitude and encourage time to relax, reflect and rejuvenate.



  • Deep narrow canyon of exceptional beauty
  • Excellent opportunity to observe wildlife
  • Great side canyons for intimate exploration
  • Exciting Class III and IV white water rapids

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Jun 18, 2013 by Sarah Thue, Utah

I really liked the day we played volleyball, and the food was really good on the whole trip.This trip was over the top! A perfect combination of exciting rapids, great campsites, amazing food, and relaxation. Our trip had 20 girls, 4 boats, and 4 guides--what a perfect girls weekend trip! The only labor was setting up and taking down our tents--the guides did all the rest: cooking, cleaning, rowing. I would highly recommend Holiday and the Gates of Lodore trip.


Jan 10, 2012 by A. Lange, UT

The guides EXCEEDED expectations!! They were fantastic. Hiking was great fun! I loved doing Yoga at the top! Well exceeded expectations!! Absolutely delicious food. I couldn't believe we were being cooked salmon dinner on the river! Very quick in loading and unloading boats. The ranger even commented that Holiday is the quickest and best of bringing the boats out of the water. I would highly recommend the ladies trip!! We had such a great time that we are trying to talk our husbands into a couple’s trip.


Jun 26, 2011 by S. Ashby, NV

Guides were great. 'Uber' Guide Jessica and the next great 'Uber' Guide Lauren! Loved it when I went on the hike and loved it when I didn't. Sometimes the best activity is sitting next to a roaring river in a canyon, drinking cold white wine out of a plastic 'Go with the Flow' coffee mug and reading fiction! Holy cow, that was a lot of good food! Nothing like a four day women's trip - Wine, Women, Wrafting! It was wonderful.

Bike Raft , USA 5.0 5.0 3 3 I really liked the day we played volleyball, and the food was really good on the whole trip.This trip was over the top! A perfect combination of exciting rapids, great campsites, a