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Women’s River Rafting Trip

Give yourself the gift of time away from your busy life as you relax and refresh in body, mind and spirit, discovering the transformative nature of yoga on the river.

Time on the river has a way of making you feel like you’ve come home to your true self. Join yoga and meditation teacher Dana Menlove in this pristine Idaho paradise for six days of playful adventure on the mighty Main Salmon. From wide stretches of sandy beaches to giant boulders and groves of Ponderosa Pine, the Salmon River corridor provides a spectacular landscape for personal reflection through yoga and meditation. Honoring the uniqueness of each individual, Dana serves as your guide through posture, breath work and meditation practices and provides inspiration for you to discover your own trans-formative experience on the river.

This fertile ground gives rise to classic river trip features – some planned, some not – that have a strikingly female feel and include lots of laughter and shared wisdom. Yoga and meditation practices are offered morning and evening.

YOGA ON THE RIVER with Dana Menlove

Dana Menlove


Dana Menlove is a wilderness devotee with a seriously playful tendency. Drawing upon more than 25 years of professional work and personal study in various wild places, Dana created Yoga: Outside-In to inspire yogic practice in outdoor settings. She is passionate about guiding others to discover and integrate their inner wisdom, ultimately leading to deeply trans-formative soul-work. Whether teaching in the studio or atop a granite riverside boulder, Dana’s playful spirit and smooth edges embody compassionate attentiveness to the uniqueness of each individual. Her degrees are in creative writing and literature from University of Arizona’s esteemed program in place-based narrative and in professional yogic education from the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Dana’s study in mind/body medicine is led by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD. She is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher and also holds a specialization as teacher of yoga and mindfulness to children and teens. Dana and her family thrive in the mountains and rivers of Idaho.


  • 20,000 square miles of wild country
  • Clear mountain river with pine forests and white beaches
  • Deer, bighorn sheep, moose, eagles, elk
  • First class white water every day

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