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The San Juan River offers some of the most amazing landscape found anywhere. From rainbow colored canyon walls to polished limestone swimming pools, this region always surprises and delights its visitors. From the canyon rim, we have an endless vista of Monument Valley.

Flowing faster than any other river we run, the San Juan’s 83 miles and scores of small rapids are perfect for children and inflatable kayaking.

The first time I went down the San Juan was with a group of boatmen. It was hard to read the map because the scenery was so amazing . . . the water was moving so fast. It made us dizzy because our heads were busy snapping from one side of the river to the other to see the next scenic attraction.

Dee Holladay, Holiday River’s 1975 Reconnaissance Trip


  • Explore slickrock and prehistoric Indian ruins
  • Classic Southern Utah desert environment, warm water
  • Perfect rafting for children and inflatable kayaks

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Absolutely Life Changing

Jun 20, 2014 by Richard & Annie Holben

Everything was beyond wonderful… Best trip ever! Life changing!! The best thing about the trip was the people. From the amazingly strong, knowledgeable, good humored guides, to the to the support staff, to the other guests on the trip, some of whom changed us in unexpected ways. We reacquainted ourselves to our most basic, overlooked and under appreciated values. All in all we had four perfect, long lazy river days. There is no experience quite like it.

Holiday Doesn't Disappoint!

Jun 14, 2014 by Mike & Nancy Snodgrass

Great trip as we have come to expect from Holiday. Once again, Holiday does not disappoint! We had a good mix of return and new trippers and everyone had a good time.

A One In A Million Trip

Jun 12, 2014 by Gary & Vania

The office lady was there to answer any questions through email. She was great with responses. All was done with a lot of heart. No complaints. Guides were so informative and knowledgeable of the area. We have made this trip 5 times now. Each time was a different experience (weather, water, guides, and knowledge). This one, maybe because it is fresh, was the best. Our guides did such a good job and seemed to know just how to make the trip exciting and relaxing at the same time. I would recommend this trip to anyone. It’s a one in a million trip. Thank you to all, for the great memories.

We Can't Wait To Come Back

Jun 10, 2014 by Travis Jordan

Molly, Sara, Rocky and Larkin all did a great job! Holiday is lucky to have employees like this who work their tails off to make sure the clients have a memorable trip. We had a wonderful experience and are already thinking about how we can come back again.

Stellar Hikes & Activities

Jun 08, 2014 by Melissa Trevino

This was my first river trip and it was amazing. Our guides, Lauren and Sarah, were wonderful, the hikes and activities were amazing, and the food was terrific, everything was perfect! This was such a wonderful experience for me! It was so great that I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Hoping To Make This Annual!

Jun 02, 2014 by Wade Graham

This is a fabulous trip, GREAT guides who are very thoughtful, relaxed and responsive. GCI wants to make this annual. We'd benefit more from extended canyon hikes, like Oljeto, rather than the Honaker Trail, if a choice has to be made. Also, I think Sand Island put-in is crucial, or you miss all the Anasazi stuff, which is what makes the SJ so special.

The Guides Ensured Our Wonderful Trip

Jun 01, 2014 by Peggy Roefer

Everything was wonderful. The guides did a great job of taking care of us. They made sure we had plenty to do during the day, and the food was great.

Love For The River Is Infectious

May 28, 2014 by Bill Oliver

I felt we were very fortunate to have Jessica as a guide. It was her 32nd run of the river and she is so passionately in love with it, which made me love it too.

You Have Exceptional River Guides

May 27, 2014 by Mark & Jessica Peternell

You have fabulous guides, they really made for a great experience.

Great Work Guides

May 26, 2014 by Matthew Kidd

I thought we would do a bit more hiking. Consider offering trips with an extra day just for Oljeto Canyon and kicking back in the afternoon. The guides did a very good job. The food was much better than I expected.

Holiday River and Bike Expeditions 800-624-6323 544 East 3900 South Salt Lake City UT, 84107 USA 4.9 5.0 25 25 Everything was beyond wonderful… Best trip ever! Life changing!! The best thing about the trip was the people. From the amazingly strong, knowledgeable, good humored guides, to t