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The great Tavaputs Plateau and Desolation Canyon are among the most remote areas of the continental United States. This area has been home to the Fremont Indians for thousands of years. You’ll find a remarkable array of flora and fauna in this area accented by tall rainbow colored cliffs sculpted by centuries of winds and water.

Desolation Canyon is actually anything but desolate. Instead, this amazing area is teeming with Bighorn Sheep and Birds of Prey. You’ll often see an eagle soaring overhead. As the Green River flows through Desolation Canyon, it is surrounded with groves of cottonwood trees and white sand beaches. These canyons abound with caves and ancient petroglyphs, and archaeologists have been visiting the area for many years uncovering its amazing history.

This 84 mile white water rafting trip into Desolation Canyon takes us on the ride of a lifetime and we will encounter over 60 rapids! Belknap Rapid, created in 1987 by a flash flood, is a favorite and makes quite an exhilarating experience all by itself. The whitewater builds in intensity each day.


  • Deeper than the Grand Canyon at the Bright Angel Trail
  • White sandy beaches, shimmering side streams and abundant wildlife
  • 60 easy rolling rapids makes this trip great for kids and inflatable kayaks

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Terrific On Every Note

Aug 16, 2014 by Ron Weales

The river was great, the plane ride was incredible, the rapids were awesome, the food was amazing and the weather was cooperative.

Long Lasting Memories

Jun 21, 2014 by Jamie Wallace

I have done many different trips of this type and all aspects exceeded my expectations. We enjoyed this experience as a family and it created memories which will last for generations. Thank you.


Aug 22, 2012 by Lucas Hoffman

This was an incredible experience. My brother and I took my father, for his 80th birthday, on a trip to retrace the path of one of his heroes, John Wesley Powell. We took the Desolation Canyon trip. Everything about it was exceptional- the guides, the scenery, the plane trip, the food... even the weather (you can take credit for that!). My father has been raving about it since. Thank you for an incredible experience!


Jun 20, 2008 by A. Moeller, TX

I think our family could have taken some longer/harder hikes but overall the hikes were fun and we saw interesting things. The food was way beyond expectations. I loved everything I ate. The little prop plane was a great experience. The vans were clean and had air conditioning. What more could I ask for? I loved everything about it.
I would really like some guidance on selecting my next trip. I loved the scenery in Desolation Canyon and feeling somewhat secluded - I loved the weather (minus the bugs). I would like to try some larger rapids and perhaps some more difficult hikes.

Holiday River and Bike Expeditions 800-624-6323 544 East 3900 South Salt Lake City UT, 84107 USA 4.5 5.0 4 4 The river was great, the plane ride was incredible, the rapids were awesome, the food was amazing and the weather was cooperative.