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For over a century Moab existed in obscurity, until the first mountain bikers discovered that this was the place. Today, Moab is the premier destination for mountain bikers from around the world. Our La Sal Mountain loop embodies the heart-thumping style of wilderness riding that has propelled this region to fame. Giant ponderosa pine trees stand as sentinels along the 25 mile route leading to the overlook of Fisher Valley. Day two of the trip stuns the senses as you descend 4,000 vertical feet, from alpine forests to the red rock desert at Onion Creek. Combined with two days on the Colorado River, this 4-day excursion provides the best of the best… unprecedented mountain biking and world class whitewater rafting.


  • Premier destination for mountain bikers from around the world
  • Heart-thumping style of wilderness riding
  • Excellent choice if you are short on time
  • Exciting class III & IV rapids
  • Stunning wilderness canyon with unique rock formations

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