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Colorado River rafting doesn’t get much better than this! Our Westwater Canyon whitewater rafting trip takes us down a segment of the Colorado River that is magnificent and is often referred to as a miniature Grand Canyon. The beauty and grandeur of this section of the Colorado River offers memorable sights such as pristine beaches, charming side canyons, and beautiful campsites.

Westwater Canyon is a great rafting trip for those who want the beauty and thrills of a traditional Colorado River rafting vacation, and yet only have a few days available for their river rafting tour. Westwater: the ultimate two or three-day getaway.  Colorado River Rafting trips in Westwater Canyon begin in May and run through September.


  • Great introduction to river rafting trips
  • Excellent choice if you are short on time
  • Exciting class III & IV whitewater rapids
  • Stunning wilderness canyon with unique rock formations

Read More about River Rafting trips on the Colorado River through Westwater Canyon “Little Grand Canyon”

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A Consistent, First Class Operation

Aug 27, 2015 by Jeff Orbock& Kathy Coyle

All the equipment was in good condition including boats and other Holiday gear. Guides, as always make the trip special. Our 3-day Westwater trip met or exceeded our expectations in nearly every way. Holiday provides a consistent, first class experience and that’s why we’ve kept coming back over the past 30+ years. Everyone in our party said they had a great time and memorable experience.

Fun River Activities & Riddles

Aug 27, 2015 by Julie & Jeff West

Larkin could control the boat and ask the young boys (10 and 12) in our boat riddles at the same time. She was also patient with people getting in and out of the boat, in and out of the "duckies" and the paddle board. I think our boat had the most ins and outs of our group and she was great about all that activity. We appreciated the guides telling us when were good times to swim and try the duckies. We appreciated their encouragement to try river activities as well as their guidance on when and where to test our abilities. They are AMAZING young people. They are STRONG, responsible, fun, kind, considerate, knowledgeable and people who love the outdoors, especially the rivers.
The food was very good. I really liked the pasta salad and the steak and fish night was a delicious surprise. I didn't expect that kind of food on the river. The guides were efficient and talented cooks too. We loved the local melons. Lambkin....mmmmmmm. We bought some at the fruit stand to take home. A multiple day river trip is an experience I have wanted to do since high school. My dream came true at age 61! I hope to go again. The highlights were the beauty of Westwater Canyon, the fun of swimming, kayaking and using the stand up paddle board as well as the amazing, talented, personable guides, the good condition of the equipment we rented, and the other guests in our group. Thank you all!

Hoping For Another Westwater Or Lodore

Aug 27, 2015 by Jesse Dean

The dry bags worked well. It was nice that we didn't have to bring our own. All of the aspects of the trip went above and beyond our expectations; the great guides (especially Dave and Colin), the scenery, the food and the transportation. It was all really well organized. We had an incredible time floating Westwater Canyon with Holiday! Everything was perfect - the scenery, food, organization. Our guides were also very friendly and knowledgeable about the area. I hope I can get another trip planned next year on either Westwater or Lodore!

The Guides Had It All Figured Out

Aug 27, 2015 by Dave King

I wanted our trip to include a few creature comforts and received more than I could have ever expected! The guides and all of the staff had their stuff figured out!

It Felt Like A Nice Long Vacation

Aug 27, 2015 by Jessica Miller

Everything was awesome! Thank you! The trip was amazing! Three days felt like a 2 week vacation! Can't wait to get back on the river!

Perfect Weather & Water

Aug 27, 2015 by Beth Stauffer & Michelle Thornton

This trip was an absolute blast! The guides were so accommodating and fun. The weather was perfect and the water was even better. The food was delicious, and the scenery was absolutely amazing!

Awesome All Around

Aug 27, 2015 by Samantha Dugan

Holiday is awesome! The guides were awesome, the food was awesome, the sights were awesome and everything was awesome!! I can't wait to go again.

Holiday Has River Trips Down To A Tee

Aug 26, 2015 by Grant Gabrielson

Fantastic trip! Holiday has perfected the river experience. The guides are tons of fun and go out of their way to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. They do all the work so the guests can relax and enjoy the river. The food was fresh and cooked to perfection. Glad we chose Holiday!

Birthday Cake On The Beach

Aug 26, 2015 by Elissa & Kim Gershon

We loved everything about our experience but especially the guides! Jesse was a superb trip leader, he inspired confidence in us and our kids and knew when to encourage them to be silly or adventurous. He was also a wealth of knowledge about rafting, the river, the history, the rock formations, Etc. Erica was also incredibly nice, helpful, and knowledgeable and Max, Mac, and John were very competent and fun. They were so organize and capable that it was an incredibly easy and relaxing trip. The food was plentiful and delicious (birthday cake baked on the beach?!), the river exciting and stunning, and overall, it was one of the best trips we have ever taken!

So Nice To Escape Electronics

Aug 26, 2015 by Kristen & John Sunderland

We had a wonderful experience! The weather was fabulous. Westwater was great and we loved having the stand up paddle boards and duckies to play with on the river. All the guides were so knowledgeable and fun! We loved the interesting facts they shared and their love of the river, particularly Colin!! A weekend our family will never forget. It was so good to get away from phones, TV's and computers.

Holiday River and Bike Expeditions 800-624-6323 544 East 3900 South Salt Lake City UT, 84107 USA 4.9 5.0 71 71 All the equipment was in good condition including boats and other Holiday gear. Guides, as always make the trip special. Our 3-day Westwater trip met or exceeded our expectations i