The Environment

Respect for the wilderness. That’s why we use oars on our rafts, never outboard motors. Seems to us that rushing to get there is exactly what you took a vacation to get away from. Respect. For the Land. For the River. For our Guests. That’s what makes your trip with Holiday special. We are visitors to pristine wilderness with unimaginable beauty so we go above and beyond to make sure we leave little impact. Our founder Dee Holladay is responsible for developing many of the “Leave No Trace” practices required by land management agencies. Our guides are selected in part for their respect and contributions to conserving the rivers and trails in Utah, Colorado and Idaho. Back at the office and at our headquarters, we recycle, reuse, compost and even produce solar electricity on our roof.

Our commitment to the environment has also been noticed by groups like The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Cloud Ridge Naturalists and Audubon. Most years their members and supporters join our trips down the rivers of Utah, Colorado and Idaho to more intimately understand the precious resources cradled in the river systems.


Holiday’s mission statement is more like a pledge to the environment:

Holiday River Expeditions’ goal is to preserve our nation’s wild lands. By providing our guests an enjoyable wilderness experience with an opportunity to learn about the natural world; Holiday trips develop their awareness and encourage the preservation of wild places. Holiday will accomplish this through: Diligent Training; Meaningful Interpretation; Innovative Equipment & Facilities; Responsible Stewardship of the Land; and Environmentally Sound Business Practice.