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In recent years, an increasing number of the guests on our desolate river trips look up at the Milky Way on moonless nights and candidly admit that they’ve never seen anything so beautiful in their lives.  This has not been the norm for humanity; only in recent centuries have we cast our eyes elsewhere and forgotten the stars.  Today, much of the Earth is losing its dark night skies to light pollution and most Americans will live their whole lives never seeing the Milky Way. Despite this, we are humbled to have some of the darkest night skies on the planet. For this reason, Holiday River Expeditions is excited to partner Stargazing trips on the Colorado River Rafting trip with Clark Planetariumwith Clark Planetarium, to offer this Desolation Canyon “Dark Sky” specialty trip.

This Desolation Canyon river rafting trip, like its name implies, floats you through some of the most remote areas left in the continental United States.  the Tavaputs Plateau, through which the Green River cuts Desolation Canyon, boast one of the largest roadless wilderness areas in the American west; this is invaluable when we look towards the starry-skies.  Spend your days exploring outlaw hideouts, ancient indigenous cultural sites and consistent whitewater fun, and in the evenings let your mind expand alongside the universe around us. Using both binoculars and the naked eye, this trip will explore the Milky Way, see the Andromeda Galaxy, watch satellites and meteors, and learn constellations.

Utah is lucky to have a world-class institute like Clark Planetarium, dedicated to teaching people, especially kids, about astronomy. On these trips you can look forward to having a dedicated astro-wiz from the Planetarium as well as a dark canopy free of moonlight to see as far into space as humanly possible.  This combination will assure your river nights are as exciting as your river days.

Join Holiday River Expeditions & Clark Planetarium to share in the oldest of human traditions, staring at the night sky.



  • Starry-skies surrounded by the deepest canyon on the Colorado Plateau
  • White sandy beaches, shimmering side streams and abundant wildlife
  • 60 easy rolling rapids perfect for kids and inflatable kayaks

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 Celestial Highlights

June 19-23  Desolation Canyon

  • The Milky Way
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Epsilon Boo, a double star
  • Sombrero galaxy
  • Hercules globular cluster


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