Family memories unfolding on the river.
Art and Annette anticipating the Big Drops.
What I knew I could count on with Holiday.
Favorite part of their trip is a BIG surprise!
Reflecting on a strong bonding experience

Our Group Bonded Quickly

Aug 27, 2015 by Dan Jackson

The Gates of Lodore trip with our group of pediatric docs and loves was guided by inspiring and young Susan, Alex, Jesse, Bryn, Josh and special yoga guide Lauren. It was a dream. We quickly integrated as a community and had a great mix of floating, riding duckies, swimming, hiking and getting wet in every way. You have a great team and system for efficiently and enjoyably going with the flow.
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A Float To Remember

Aug 27, 2015 by Michael Delefes

We had a wonderful 4 day "float" down the Green River from Colorado and into Utah. My expectations were blown away by the beauty of the landscape, the company we were with and the great guides (Zack, Justin, Dustin, Mac and Mak) that shepherded us down the river and made sure we didn't get into any "trouble". It was a trip to remember and I look forward to doing something similar in the near future.
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Each Guide Added A Personal Touch

Aug 27, 2015 by Barry & Judy Eichelberger

The guides, in particular, were very knowledgeable about the area and helpful in all aspects of the trip. The cooking was fantastic, each guide's personal story adding a very personal touch to the trip.
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Exceeded My High Expectations

Aug 27, 2015 by Stephen Shirley

The rafting trip was amazing! Our guides were great at making sure we were having a great time. The food, activities and overall experience greatly exceed my (somewhat already high) expectations.
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I Recommend A Family Whitewater Rafting Trip

Aug 27, 2015 by Ryan Wallace

This was a great trip for the whole family. The kids loved swimming and hanging out in camp as much as the adults loved the rafting and amazing scenery. Experiences we will all remember for a long time.
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Outdoor All-Stars

Aug 27, 2015 by Robert & Susan Bolte

It was an extraordinary experience. Our group of guides was outdoor all-stars. We'll be back again.
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Hikes Were A Highlight

Aug 27, 2015 by River Guest

The guides were particularly helpful and friendly and eager to please and assist. They were skilled with the rafts and knowledgeable about the trip and many other details. We all enjoyed the great food and variety. The hikes were a highlight.
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Like Exploring Another Planet

Aug 27, 2015 by Jim & Florence Meyering

A family vacation with memories for a lifetime. The scenery is breathtaking and we saw so few people during our trip that we really felt we were on another planet. Our three guides were working hard for six days straight, from early morning to evening and yet, they were always cheerful. I would highly recommend everyone to take a rafting trip at least once in their life.
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Terrific Biking & Rafting

Aug 27, 2015 by Danielle Young

All of our guides were amazing on both the biking and rafting trips! A special thanks to Dr. Dustin, thanks for taking care of my teeth. Great experience!! We absolutely loved it, the guides were excellent and were extremely knowledgeable and took great care of us. And the food that was prepared was delicious!
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A Consistent, First Class Operation

Aug 27, 2015 by Jeff Orbock& Kathy Coyle

All the equipment was in good condition including boats and other Holiday gear. Guides, as always make the trip special. Our 3-day Westwater trip met or exceeded our expectations in nearly every way. Holiday provides a consistent, first class experience and that’s why we’ve kept coming back over the past 30+ years. Everyone in our party said they had a great time and memorable experience.
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Fun River Activities & Riddles

Aug 27, 2015 by Julie & Jeff West

Larkin could control the boat and ask the young boys (10 and 12) in our boat riddles at the same time. She was also patient with people getting in and out of the boat, in and out of the "duckies" and the paddle board. I think our boat had the most ins and outs of our group and she was great about all that activity. We appreciated the guides telling us when were good times to swim and try the duckies. We appreciated their encouragement to try river activities as well as their guidance on when and where to test our abilities. They are AMAZING young people. They are STRONG, responsible, fun, kind, considerate, knowledgeable and people who love the outdoors, especially the rivers.
The food was very good. I really liked the pasta salad and the steak and fish night was a delicious surprise. I didn't expect that kind of food on the river. The guides were efficient and talented cooks too. We loved the local melons. Lambkin....mmmmmmm. We bought some at the fruit stand to take home. A multiple day river trip is an experience I have wanted to do since high school. My dream came true at age 61! I hope to go again. The highlights were the beauty of Westwater Canyon, the fun of swimming, kayaking and using the stand up paddle board as well as the amazing, talented, personable guides, the good condition of the equipment we rented, and the other guests in our group. Thank you all!
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Hoping For Another Westwater Or Lodore

Aug 27, 2015 by Jesse Dean

The dry bags worked well. It was nice that we didn't have to bring our own. All of the aspects of the trip went above and beyond our expectations; the great guides (especially Dave and Colin), the scenery, the food and the transportation. It was all really well organized. We had an incredible time floating Westwater Canyon with Holiday! Everything was perfect - the scenery, food, organization. Our guides were also very friendly and knowledgeable about the area. I hope I can get another trip planned next year on either Westwater or Lodore!
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The Guides Had It All Figured Out

Aug 27, 2015 by Dave King

I wanted our trip to include a few creature comforts and received more than I could have ever expected! The guides and all of the staff had their stuff figured out!
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It Felt Like A Nice Long Vacation

Aug 27, 2015 by Jessica Miller

Everything was awesome! Thank you! The trip was amazing! Three days felt like a 2 week vacation! Can't wait to get back on the river!
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Perfect Weather & Water

Aug 27, 2015 by Beth Stauffer & Michelle Thornton

This trip was an absolute blast! The guides were so accommodating and fun. The weather was perfect and the water was even better. The food was delicious, and the scenery was absolutely amazing!
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Awesome All Around

Aug 27, 2015 by Samantha Dugan

Holiday is awesome! The guides were awesome, the food was awesome, the sights were awesome and everything was awesome!! I can't wait to go again.
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We Are Well Traveled But This Is The Best Family Trip

Aug 26, 2015 by Casey Summerhays

We Are Well Traveled But This Is The Best Family Trip
The guides Justin, Larkin and Sherpa were amazing. They were cooks, entertainers, teachers, and most of all phenomenal boatmen! We have traveled extensively and this is absolutely the best family trip we have ever taken. The logistics were meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. As a single parent, I have never had a vacation with the kids that I didn't need a few days to recover after until now. The guides did absolutely everything for us, and did it all with a smile. This will be a trip that we do every year!!!!
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A Fantastic Family Bonding Opportunity

Aug 26, 2015 by Ed & Kristin Treacy

My wife and I took our 5 kids on the Lodore Canyon trip. They range in ages from 7-18. The trip was everything we had hoped for. The guides were extremely professional. The scenery was spectacular and the level of rapids was perfect for our family. I would highly recommend this trip for families. It is a fantastic bonding opportunity.
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Wouldn't Go With Another Outfitter

Aug 26, 2015 by Roger Taylor

I love Holiday. This was my second Lodore trip. I wouldn't run a river with anyone else.
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Safety Well Balanced With Fun

Aug 26, 2015 by Desmond Varady

Justin and Larkin were top notch, excellent guides and great people. I can't say enough good about them. They were friendly, they kept our safety as first priority but they also balanced that well with knowing we were there to have fun. Thank you!
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Looking Forward To Another Trip!

Aug 26, 2015 by Robert Hancey

This trip exceeded all my expectations. Guides were fantastic and the food was delicious. Don't know just how they did it but they did. Looking forward to doing another!!!
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Friendly & Organized Guides

Aug 26, 2015 by William Zulueta

I had a great experience!!! I wasn't sure what to expect but was surprised every day by the awesome food, hikes and awesome rapids. The guides were also great and very friendly as well as very organized and made sure everyone was having fun. All around a great experience thank you Holiday for a great trip.
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The Guides Went Out Of Their Way To Provide Our Comfort

Aug 26, 2015 by Emily Johnson & Mike Ringer

It was a great time with the guides and other folks on the trip. I’m a new camper and when our air mattress failed the guides were great to make sure I got some pads to make it through the nights more comfortably.
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Thanks For Managing My Dietary Requirements

Aug 26, 2015 by Hank Levine

The guides were always concerned about our safety and were professional and accommodating. I had special dietary requirements and it was never an issue.
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We Met Very Enjoyable People

Aug 26, 2015 by Michael W Douglas

This was my third trip with Holiday and it was excellent in all ways. Good equipment, outstanding guides, great food, wonderful wilderness scenery and enjoyable people that we met while on the trip. Thank you!
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Incredible Terrain & Scenery

Aug 26, 2015 by Jordan Shorthouse

The trip was everything that I expected! It was great biking over amazing terrain. The guides, food and equipment were all top notch.
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The Pace Was Perfect

Aug 26, 2015 by Mark Garcia

The Guides were fantastic. The views were breathtaking. The pace was perfect no pressure to go any other speed than our own. The only negative comment would be that it ended! I totally recommend requesting Justin and Dustin to lead you trip they won't disappoint.
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Holiday Has River Trips Down To A Tee

Aug 26, 2015 by Grant Gabrielson

Fantastic trip! Holiday has perfected the river experience. The guides are tons of fun and go out of their way to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. They do all the work so the guests can relax and enjoy the river. The food was fresh and cooked to perfection. Glad we chose Holiday!
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Birthday Cake On The Beach

Aug 26, 2015 by Elissa & Kim Gershon

We loved everything about our experience but especially the guides! Jesse was a superb trip leader, he inspired confidence in us and our kids and knew when to encourage them to be silly or adventurous. He was also a wealth of knowledge about rafting, the river, the history, the rock formations, Etc. Erica was also incredibly nice, helpful, and knowledgeable and Max, Mac, and John were very competent and fun. They were so organize and capable that it was an incredibly easy and relaxing trip. The food was plentiful and delicious (birthday cake baked on the beach?!), the river exciting and stunning, and overall, it was one of the best trips we have ever taken!
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So Nice To Escape Electronics

Aug 26, 2015 by Kristen & John Sunderland

We had a wonderful experience! The weather was fabulous. Westwater was great and we loved having the stand up paddle boards and duckies to play with on the river. All the guides were so knowledgeable and fun! We loved the interesting facts they shared and their love of the river, particularly Colin!! A weekend our family will never forget. It was so good to get away from phones, TV's and computers.
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Westwater Canyon Is A Blast!

Aug 26, 2015 by Susan Tibbitts

Our group had the best time on our rafting trip. The guides were awesome and made the trip amazing. I highly recommend Holiday River Expeditions!!!
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Would Jump At The Chance To Go Again

Aug 26, 2015 by Maria Heckel

Susan was truly amazing. She is knowledgeable, confident, and fun. She handled a potential health issue with great judgment. Her passion for river guiding as a profession really sets her apart from any other guide I have used in the past. Coulter was also a very good guide with an engaging personality. Victoria was friendly and helpful and ready to learn. The six day trip down Desolation Canyon exceeded my expectations in every way. I would jump at the chance to re-live this trip again!
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I "Found Myself" Again On The Women's Fitness Trip

Aug 25, 2015 by Tracy Thompson

I keep using the word "majestic" when I describe the trip. Reconnecting with the wilderness and experiencing Lodore Canyon via the Green River is something that I will cherish for a lifetime. Words and even the photos cannot capture the untouched beauty of the region and sharing the experience with 9 other inspiring women across the country did wonders for my heart and soul. The guides were INCREDIBLE and I was floored by not only their professionalism but how genuine they were (you can train a river guide to get you down the river, but you can't train a person to be sincere, thoughtful, considerate, etc). These girls were not only strong and capable but they were truly remarkable.... They blew me away with their many talents. The food was over the top, the hikes were breathtaking and the women’s fitness trip added value with the core/stretch workouts. Everything blew my expectations out of the water and I can't thank you enough for helping to "find me" again. Sincerely, Water Logged.
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These Guides Had An Infectious Zest For Life

Aug 25, 2015 by Melanie Gray

I was impressed with the good condition of the bags, tents, sleeping bag and pillow. The guides: Susan, Erica and Tuesde were incredible. The trip itself is set up to be great but the guides made it epic!!! They were incredible young ladies, you can train a guide but you can't instill the personalities and passion that these girls had. The food was over the top!! Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine the meals that were made by the river, so good!! It was one of my best trips ever (and I go on lots of trips to many great palaces). My guides were awesome, I felt very safe going through the rapids because it was clear they knew what they were doing. They had so much knowledge to share about the areas we were going through. They had great personalities, were lots of fun and had zest for life. Tuesde is going to rock being a guide!!!
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The Soul Soothing Flow Of The Green River

Aug 25, 2015 by Kathleen Leopardi Anderson

The Soul Soothing Flow Of The Green River
Guides were fantastic! Knowledgeable of geology, excellent boating skills, efficient at getting camp up and down, great chefs and super duper personalities! They really bonded with the group!! Fantastic scenery with a morning stretch session while listening to the flowing Green River really soothes the soul!!!
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Until Next Time!

Aug 25, 2015 by Karen Weiss

Karen Johnson is incredible at getting us all set up with reservations. We get so busy in between signing up and the trip that I really can't tell you how invaluable her emails and tips are to me. This was my 3rd Holiday trip. I so love that you have the numbered bags, it really saves us the money in getting our own. It also keeps me coming back to Holiday! :) The boats are beautiful and so well taken care of too. This was my children’s’ 2nd trip and more importantly it was my husband’s 1st. He loved it so much! I never know where to start on the feedback of the entire experience. I am an event planner and usually have to do all the manual labor and planning and "doing" of everything. Holiday has become my favorite trip away. Everything is so well done and so incredibly well planned out. It is tough for Moms to start out not doing anything to help but the staff is so great about doing all the footwork that you feel ok after a while. :) Each time the food is magnificent. The gear they use to make amazing meals makes it half of the magical experience. There is such a little kitchen and the meals that come out of it are fabulous. The guides are one of the best parts of the trip. We grow so fond of them each time it makes you want to come back and do more trips with them. I so enjoy the learning experience that Dave, Julian and Tanner turned the trip into for my children. They all know so much about the trips we are on and I love to hear about the history and environmental facts about our surroundings. The fantastic hikes are one of the best parts too. I request the same guides each time and end up loving the new ones just as much! Soon it won't matter who takes us! Tanner and Larkin were especially great with our kids and our friends’ kids. Larkin was a rock star as she got the brunt of the young, crazy girls that just wanted to be around her and she got a disobedient stint and handled it so well. We were really grateful and so impressed! Collin needs to leave Holiday and become a singer! I had the most fun floating with him and he has such a wonderful personality. My husband and I could have talked to him for hours. I must say we are all a little down today as we head back to our reality and realize the magical place we live in and the amazing resource we have in Holiday to show us that place in all its many splendors. Until next time with great anticipation and appreciation.....The Weiss Family - Peter, Karen, Lulu and Lizzy
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If You Are Contemplating A Trip, Go!

Aug 25, 2015 by Larry & Carole Hancey

The trip was more than we expected. Maybe because we were mostly family but we had so much fun. The others who were not part of our family blended in very well and everyone had a satisfying experience I believe. Our guides were great, they were fun and educational at the same time. Nothing was too much trouble and I was amazed at how efficiently they worked together, they made quite a team. We had great water fights, sometimes encouraged by our guides, who also got as soaked as we did along the way. The scenery was majestic and my husband and I would highly recommend this trip to anyone contemplating a river rafting trip.
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"Better Than Disneyland!"

Aug 25, 2015 by Kyle & Chalene Parkin

This was the best trip I have ever been on, the staff treated us like royalty and the food was amazing! We took our two oldest boys (12 and 9 yrs old) and they kept coming up to us saying this is better than Disneyland! I would highly recommend this trip to anyone.
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A Fun Grandma / Grandson Trip

Aug 25, 2015 by Jane McCauley

TJ and Sherpa were phenomenal and they cook well too. This was a grandma / grandson trip and we both had a wonderful time. It was exciting, but we always felt perfectly safe.
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The Guides Have An Inspiring Love For The Outdoors

Aug 25, 2015 by Jen Gray

We had the most amazing experience on the Lodore four day trip. The guides were knowledgeable, experienced, and extremely professional. Their love for the outdoors and respect for the environment was apparent in everything they did. I couldn't have had a better time. Thanks Holiday!!!
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We Met Amazing People & Made Great Memories

Aug 25, 2015 by Tina Carter

Our family has not stopped talking about our experience since we got home. Thanks to your amazing staff from our first contact with Karen to when we arrived at the office the first morning. The drivers and especially the guides: Zack, Jessica and Sherpa were amazing. We are ready for our next run down the river and will definitely be booking it with HOLIDAY. We met some amazing people and made some great memories that will be remembered for a great long while. Many thanks to all at HOLIDAY!!!
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10/10 +

Aug 25, 2015 by Scott Dilley & John Bekker

10 plus, the guides and the food and everything about this trip was fantastic. We will be back again. This was a 10 plus trip and exceeded our expectations.
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Family Whitewater Rafting Is The Best

Aug 25, 2015 by Kirsten Anderson

My second trip on the river with you guys and it exceeded my expectations! I got to catch up with some awesome guides and make friends with a third. Hope to see you guys back on the river soon! Thanks for making our family trip awesome.
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A New Yearly Trip!

Aug 25, 2015 by Shellie Bowman

This trip was awesome! Our guides: Dave, Lauren and Sherpa were the best! This trip is going to be an annual thing for our family now! Thanks for everything! Holiday River Expedition is the best!!
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What A Holiday :)

Aug 25, 2015 by Leslie Anderson

Everyone was courteous, friendly, and extremely helpful. Guides were knowledgeable about the river and the canyon. My family loved the trip and wants to make it an annual affair. We truly had a Holiday - Holiday!
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Fun Activities & Delicious Meals

Aug 25, 2015 by Gustavo Pego

Guides were all very well informed and provided interesting information keeping the group well engaged. The entire trip was excellent (activities, rafting and meals) and very well organized.
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Reluctant Teens End Up Loving The Adventure!

Aug 25, 2015 by Ramon Velez

We had scattered rain with thunderstorms every day of our trip and still had a blast. We had 2 expert guides and 2 training guides that made our adventure spectacular. All of the guides were expert cooks and the food would rival your favorite restaurant. You will learn about "GORP" and will return home in search of a steady supply. Our guides were knowledgeable about the area, and told exciting stories that kept us entertained. This was my 2nd adventure with Holiday and both were awesome journeys. My teenage twins did everything possible to not enjoy the trip but eventually gave in to the fun and excitement of the adventure. They came home and immediately shared all of their exciting stories with their friends.
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Captivating Wildlife Viewings

Aug 25, 2015 by Mark & Christine Martin

I enjoyed the thrill of the rapids but I really enjoyed the leisure time on the river enjoying the scenery. The 2 bald eagles, beaver and many other varieties of birds were an added bonus. The river guides were great and so willing to please.
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Hoping For Yearly Trips

Aug 25, 2015 by Suzanne DeJager

The big white bags were very convenient with plenty of space to fit everything in. The guides were all very good - they definitely knew what they were doing. The food was excellent! Transportation was smooth. This was a great experience and also for the kids (10 yrs old). We definitely are in for another river trip. Maybe even as a yearly trip!
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Wonderfully Accommodating Guides

Aug 25, 2015 by William & Brenda D'Amico

Justin, Dustin and Julian were fantastic, we could not have asked for better guides!!!! They were all very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. This is truly a great company with the BEST guides!! We had a great time and are looking forward to our next trip!!!
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