Family memories unfolding on the river.
Art and Annette anticipating the Big Drops.
What I knew I could count on with Holiday.
Favorite part of their trip is a BIG surprise!
Reflecting on a strong bonding experience
by Sey Lau on Blank Business Name

3 Day White Rim Excursion mid September 2016. What an amazing adventure! The "Ustins" (Dustin and Justin) were excellent guides and it's hard to imagine doing the White Rim any other way. The food was above restaurant quality, and that's even without a kitchen! Definitely a recommended trip. Time to think about booking our next trip with Holiday.

by Jeannie Riedel (Deannie) on Blank Business Name

Best Camping Trip Ever! The guides were Amazing! HUGE thank you to T.J., TBird, Josh, Jim and Sherpa - who ensured all guests had a terrific time. The food was delicious. The hikes were magical - have to go to discover the surprises along the way. Exciting and invigorating times in the duckie. What fun to have the opportunity to row, especially with a partner ;). Spectacular scenery! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of the guides who made the trip one I'll never forget; so looking forward to next year and wish it was sooner!

by Dean Stokes on Blank Business Name

The trip was fabulous, more fun than I had expected. The guides were really great, the food was out of sight.  Loved the hikes the water falls and the rapids. The beauty of the Canyons were stunning.  Overall it was a 5 star trip. The Salmon river in Idaho next year.

by Richard on Blank Business Name

What a crew, what an operation, what a river. This experience exceeded my expectations… I assumed it would and I was not disappointed. We will keep our fingers crossed that something wonderful might happen or perhaps Time will standstill for a moment or two and we will get to paddle with you guys once again.Please give them all a high-five and a hug for me, especially Peg leg Pete and Misty. I wish you all a Great and safe rest of the summer and you will be hearing from us again I promise.Richard S.

by Christina on Blank Business Name

Just finished a 3-day rafting trip through Westwater Canyon. The entire trip was excellent. Overall Holiday is amazing. They provided everything we needed. Trip was planned perfectly. Overall great company and can tell they are passionate about what they do.My Husband and I consider ourselves inexperienced when it comes to river rafting, I have been on a few trips many many years ago, and my husband had never been. This was an excellent introductory rafting trip. The first two days consisted of relatively flat (but moving) water where we enjoyed stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and just lounging on the boat. The third (and last) day ended with an exhilarating white water rafting ride through class III and IV rapids.Our guides, Tburd (Tim) and Dustin, were amazing. They were laid back, great cooks, humorous, and extremely knowledgeable of the land. I never felt unsafe. They truly are experienced with the river and the details of each of the rapids. We went down the rapids on what they called a “double rig.” Basically two large rafts strapped together side by side. This allowed for better stability when going down the rapids. Hind sight, very glad they made the decision to do that. Man were those rapids insane!The camping is extremely primitive. There is no running water and no flushing toilet. We rented camp kits (consisting of tent, sleeping bag, rain gear (didn’t rain thank god), small camp pillow, sleeping pad, and cups). The equipment is in great condition and would definitely recommend if you don’t feel like lugging your own gear while traveling.The food is top notch. Our menu consisted of steak and salmon, mashed potatoes, huge salad; fajitas, Spanish rice, beans; made-to-order omelets, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit with every meal. You get the point. We definitely did not go hungry.Unfortunately, we went right when there was a huge hatch of mosquitos. So remember to bring bug spray. And bring a TON of sunscreen!Would definitely recommend and would definitely use Holiday for another trip!

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