We have used other companies for trips down the Grand Canyon, Hells Canyon, and the Salmon. Holiday delivered an equal or better experience for a fraction of the cost. We strongly endorse the idea of non-motorized trips through Cataract Canyon. Absence of an outboard lashed to the back and puttering away detracts from the larger experience. Less than a month after completing the Cataract Canyon trip, we are laying plans to float the Yampa next year. Holiday River Expeditions met or exceeded all of our expectations. Our guides were experienced, approachable, and efficient. Holiday has become our new go to source for river trips, and who knows, maybe a bicycle trip or two.

Ross & Kathy Wiggins, WA


We Had The Best Time

Jul 30, 2014 by Gina Miller

Julian and Rocky were great guides and everyone in our group had the best time! We hope to take another trip again with Holiday Expeditions!
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The Key Word: FUN!

Jul 30, 2014 by Steve Epstein

I always try not to have a ton of expectations but you guys exceeded every one of them!
The guides who took us down the Green River were all amazing people who went out of their way to make the trip nothing but seamless fun. The key word here is FUN! This is not an act for these guides, they love what they do and they purposely integrate the guests in to their fun. I cannot stop gushing about how epic the trip was and have already referred several people to Holiday Expeditions.
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Like Bike Riding On Mars!

Jul 29, 2014 by John Schils

The trip was wonderful. Guides blew us away with their knowledge, skill, attitude and the meals they prepared... Camping will never be the same! The food far exceeded expectations, wonderful. All meals were excellent, different and I'd have paid good money for them at a restaurant. The overall experience was out of this world! At least outside of what my known world was. I felt like I was riding mountains on Mars and then whitewater rafting... Best vacation ever! The food was excellent even for the most concerned skeptics, and we were in the middle of nowhere camping.
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Great Hiking Opportunities

Jul 27, 2014 by Chandler Bartholomew

The guides, TJ and Sherpa, were awesome!! They provided a wonderful environment and great hiking opportunities. The food was excellent as always, I've been on two other trips a few years earlier. Everything was wonderful!
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The Paddle Boat Was A Blast

Jul 26, 2014 by Daniel & Diane Heer

Lodore Canyon was very beautiful. The paddle boat was a blast and Tanner was a great guide. The food was delicious and all the guides were fun to be with. I will recommend this trip to anyone interested in rafting in Utah and Colorado.
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Nice To Truly Get Away

Jul 24, 2014 by David Scudamore

We had a terrific trip. The guides took great care of everyone. It was fantastic to feel disconnected from the rest of the world. We will do it again.
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I Loved The Salmon & Steak

Jul 23, 2014 by Rachel Tripp

What an amazing trip! Not only were the guides experienced and caring, they were great cooks to boot! Salmon and Steak while camping?! Amazing! I can't wait to book another trip.
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An Intimate & Beautiful Step Out Of Daily Lives

Jul 22, 2014 by Wayne & Kathy Adams

This trip was among the best we've taken in the last decade. We decided to make this a reunion trip with a few couples from earlier times in our lives. It was a great decision and allowed us to become reacquainted in an atmosphere that was both intimate as well as beautiful. Your guides were truly facilitators of our enjoyment in every possible facet of the experience. Kudos to Holiday Expedition for putting in the hard work that allows people like us to step outside of our daily lives into such an incredible environment.
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Had A Blast Swimming & Kayaking!

Jul 21, 2014 by Arthur & Annette McGarr

What exceptionally competent guides. We have enormous respect for their dedication, knowledge, and engagement. We loved this trip. Fantastic scenery for the entire trip, impressive care by guides, always ready to help; fabulous food, guided walks wherever possible, opportunities for swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding. We will be back for more soon!
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Good Old Fashioned Fun!

Jul 20, 2014 by Glen & Natasha Grundy

Our family unit of four (two young boys) had an unforgettable experience! From the rapids, to the fishing, to the wildlife, to the food, to the social interaction, all very enriching and genuine good old fashioned fun!
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The Guides Had Great Energy

Jul 19, 2014 by Sarah Benvenuti

Love the trip! The guides were enthusiastic. We were the first trip of the season, so it did sometimes feel like they were still getting used to the schedule again, but never in a way that disturbed our enjoyment. Thanks all!
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We Could Have Stayed Forever!

Jul 17, 2014 by Jonathan & Julie Day

Everything actually exceeded my expectations. The guides were not only efficient and competent at all aspects of their jobs, but also engaging conversationalists and recreation leaders. The hikes were some of my favorite parts of the overall trip. The food was wonderful. I couldn't believe how much they could do with what they brought on a boat! Our trip on the Yampa and Green River with Holiday was everything we could have hoped for and more. For some members of our party this was a second Yampa trip with Holiday, and they loved it just as much as they did 28 years ago if not more. For the rest of us it was amazing to see that it was everything we had been told to expect, but even better. We could have stayed on the river forever!!
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Every Need Was Met, Thank You

Jul 16, 2014 by Terri Whitt

Each and every one of the guides on our trip was exceptional, wonderful people, willing to help and provide excellent customer service. Our rafting trip was exceptional, made even better by the guides on this trip. Customer service, the willingness to please and meet our every need, far surpassed out expectations. Great job.
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Nice Contrast Of Relaxation & Excitement!

Jul 16, 2014 by Jeanne Carlson

Our guides were terrific! Ben and Julian took great care on the river, shared ecological concerns, and had good knowledge on history of the area. They were wonderful cooks, tireless oarsmen, had great senses of humor, and were lots of fun and very helpful and polite. It was great to be able to hike once and a while. Transportation to the put in and from the take out was just fine. I appreciated the air conditioning! Oh, the kayaks were fun too! The overall experience for me was memorable. Being in the beautiful Cataract Canyon was amazing. I was in awe of the river with it's time of calm water and it's time of rough and tumble powerful rapids. Relaxation versus total excitement! The companionship of the eight other women on this trip made it very special for me. It was amazing to not have to cook and clean up! The menus and food were wonderful. Thank you for a wonderful experience! I would love to do this again with my whole family!
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Same Trip, Different Experience

Jul 15, 2014 by Julie Guiney

Everything is done very well and the guides are super personable. We did the exact same trip over the exact same weekend as last year and had a totally different experience. The water was running about twice as fast so although it felt like we were on the river about the same amount of time the 1st and 2nd day, we got in a lot more hikes which were really fun, too. The guides were just as great as last years, very friendly and helpful and got us through the big rapid safe and sound. We stopped for lunch and camped overnight in all different locations which made exploring interesting. It was so nice to be on the river with huge canyon walls surrounding us and to be away from the day to day events of life. Thanks!
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Relaxing & Fun

Jul 14, 2014 by Marshall & Monica Carlson

The guides were great, attentive and fun to be around. The hikes were interesting and the guides delivered insightful information during each hike. Plus, they really respected the land and river and treated it well. We had a wonderful family vacation and will talk about our trip for years to come. Everything was easy, relaxing and fun -- just what a vacation should be. Plus, the food was tasty and healthy! The guides are knowledgeable, friendly and really want you to have a great time.
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The Little Colorado Was Spectacular

Jul 14, 2014 by Debbie Craig Nicholson

I really liked each of the guides. They were very different and each had his/her strengths and distinct personality. The blend truly added to the experience. Thank you again. What a great family trip that my 22 yr old son and my 14 yr old son loved. Rapids were fun, but not gnarly-scary. Loved the optional hikes to petroglyphs, ruins and how much our guides knew about the canyon. We all loved the Little Colorado day. Overall, there was spectacular scenery and we had a fabulous trip.
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1st Hand Geology

Jul 13, 2014 by Charles Willis

It was transformative, my first river trip. It really was, among other things, exposure to living geology.
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Unwinding On The River

Jul 13, 2014 by Peter & Carol Girardin

The guides were fantastic and made the trip. Food was outstanding and hikes were a nice break from the river. We traveled with grand kids and children and it was a perfect trip for all. No cell phones and lots of chances to see a beautiful part of our country and enjoy each other's company. Box wine never tasted so good after a long day hiking and on the river. I would highly recommend the trip for family-adventure travel.
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I Long For More River Time

Jul 11, 2014 by Kathleen Hannigan

LB and Chet were wonderful guides and I would highly recommend them. They made our trip a memorable one. The 5 day expedition I had with Holiday made me long for more. The guides and gear and food were all excellent. I can't wait to do it again!
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Holiday Quality

Jul 11, 2014 by Kenneth & Twyla Bartholomew

Holiday quality all the way. I do self-guided family trips annually, but keep coming back to Dee and Sue every few years for that great white-water, great food, and great guides. So many rivers, so little time!
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Our Guides Read The Group Perfectly

Jul 10, 2014 by Susie Kincade

Leading women on a river retreat has its challenges. They were all from various backgrounds, experiences and physical capabilities. Our guides read the river expertly, of course, but they also read the group and were very considerate of our elder participants. They also communicated well with me and the other group facilitator and were flexible in forming each river day so that we could experience all we wanted to and still have time for our group circles. Molly and Lauren were AMAZING and WONDERFUL!
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Loved The Safe Thrill Rides

Jul 09, 2014 by Ed & Pamela Girardin

The food was amazing. We couldn't believe what the guides could come up with meal after meal. The trip exceeded our expectations!! It was an amazing 5 days. The rapids were unbelievable and while it was a trilling ride - we always felt safe. The guides were amazing, we had Brin, Dave, Rocky and Alex. All were knowledgeable on the river and the terrain. Plus they were great people, easy to talk with and clearly loved their jobs. We hope to be back to do another trip soon.
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Loved Our Guides

Jul 07, 2014 by Anna Benvenuti

Our guides’ personalities matched up perfectly with our group. It was a perfect fit.
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Great From Start To Finish

Jul 07, 2014 by Dave & Kris Hanaman

Jesse, Molly, Mike and Dustin were outstanding guides. They earned their money on a couple of long and windy days, and earned our gratitude with their friendly-yet-professional demeanors and constant attentiveness. We had a great trip on the Yampa this weekend! As usual, everything was fantastic, from the pre-trip planning and communications to the pull out and departure.
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First Rate Crew

Jul 06, 2014 by Barb Garza

My Holiday vacation was one of the best overall vacations I have been on. The crew was first rate, I didn't have to lift a finger. My captain even made sure my water bottle was full. The guides had so much knowledge of the surrounding area we were in, it made it so interesting. I would definitely do another trip with them! Thanks Holiday for all the great memories.
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Fantastic Family trip

Jul 05, 2014 by Michael Brush

An awesome 5 days for our 3 generations - age 9 to 67. Beautiful scenery and great guides, Derek, Molly and Molly, made for an unforgettable trip. We're looking forward to another adventure with Holiday in the future.
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What Efficient River Guiding!

Jul 05, 2014 by Theresa Clayton

Our super guides, Molly and Susan made the Women's Retreat fun and effortless. Besides their expertise in running the river, they were also so efficient when setting up the camp each evening. They were great cooks.
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Perfect Trip! From Every Angle

Jul 05, 2014 by Nate Boxer

Another excellent trip! We had a great time. Top notch guides (LB & Chet), great food, perfect weather, great campsites, nice hikes. I will continue to recommend your company to all.
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AWESOME all the way around!!

Jul 05, 2014 by Kathryn Morici

Dave, Justin, Zac, and Colin made this one of our most fun and relaxing vacations ever! They were fun, the food was extraordinary, the time spent rafting vs relaxing a perfect ratio, and those wonderful guides anticipated our every need. Highly recommend!!
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So Happy I Went

Jul 03, 2014 by Alice Shilhanek

As a beginner multiday rafter, this was an awesome time. The guides were outstanding in every aspect. The river and canyon and rapids did not disappoint.
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My Best Vacation Ever!

Jul 03, 2014 by Kaia Moore

I was on the Cataract Canyon trip a couple of weeks ago... This was the best vacation I have ever been on!! Rafting for the first time and being in Utah for the first time was amazing. The river and landscapes were breathtakingly beautiful. I am in love with the area! The trip was absolutely wonderful. The guides were a joy to be around. They were extremely resourceful, informative and accommodating to any of our needs throughout the trip. I definitely want to do this trip again. It was a life changing and wonderful experience. This is an amazing company. THANK YOU! You guys are the best!
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1st Class

Jul 02, 2014 by Steve Holmes & Kristi Young

Holiday, as usual provides a first class experience to all!!
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Can't Wait For More!

Jul 01, 2014 by Steve & Jane Morrison

Another outstanding experience with Holiday. Our 4th trip and we've come to expect the best, once again we weren't disappointed. The Yampa was stunning and the service was exceptional. Can't wait for the next trip!
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Excellent Family Trip

Jul 01, 2014 by Joseph & Julie Gaydos

Our family trip with Holiday was outstanding. In fact, it was beyond what we had hoped for. The guides were top notch, the equipment was first class and the food delicious.
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3rd Time On Cataract, Still Incredible

Jun 28, 2014 by Joel Acken & Jennifer Phillips

Brin, Alex, LB, and Julian were all professional, friendly, fun and extraordinary guides and people. This was my third time on the Cataract Canyon trip and I would do it again. There is nothing like a float through the canyon to put your mind in the perfect place.
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Terrific Biking, Rafting & Food!!!

Jun 26, 2014 by Patty Lovelace

This trip was incredible. The biking was so well supported and the guides for both parts of the trip were great. I felt very safe at all times and taken care of both on the bikes and in the rafts. The food made me so spoiled, I am on hunger strike at home wanting that lasagna, steak, fish fillets, burritos, oh my gosh it was all so yummy and expertly prepared. I loved the hike to the waterfall, with bighorn sheep on the trail and everything. What can I say, it was perfect.
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A New Generation Of River Lovers

Jun 25, 2014 by Donald Day

I've now done the Yampa trip twice. The first was in 1986 with my 12 year old son and our guide Sherpa San. It was great and we still have many great memories from that week. However, on June 16th we did the Yampa trip again at ages 68 and 40 respectively. But this time with my daughter-in-law and a new generation of rafters, grandsons, aged 10 & 8. It's not often you get to take a trip of lifetime twice. The new generation of guides, Zack, Molly, Justin, Dustin, & Tanner were excellent, always caring and engaging. As an added bonus, we got to reunite briefly with Sherpa San after all these years. All in all-priceless!
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Long Lasting Memories

Jun 21, 2014 by Jamie Wallace

I have done many different trips of this type and all aspects exceeded my expectations. We enjoyed this experience as a family and it created memories which will last for generations. Thank you.
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Absolutely Life Changing

Jun 20, 2014 by Richard & Annie Holben

Everything was beyond wonderful… Best trip ever! Life changing!! The best thing about the trip was the people. From the amazingly strong, knowledgeable, good humored guides, to the to the support staff, to the other guests on the trip, some of whom changed us in unexpected ways. We reacquainted ourselves to our most basic, overlooked and under appreciated values. All in all we had four perfect, long lazy river days. There is no experience quite like it.
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Big Water & Huge Fun!

Jun 19, 2014 by Chad Barksdale

Our guides were fun, friendly and true professionals with great knowledge and understanding of the river and Canyonlands. The hikes up the ridge and through Dark Canyon were amazing. The food was excellent, better than home!! Steaks were perfect, Dave! The trip was amazing. To accommodate 11 guys is a challenge in itself, but you did it! It is amazing how much stuff you can store on 3 boats! The water was huge, and the guides were pumped! I don't know how we could have done it better.
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Adrenaline Seekers: Tuckered Out & Satisfied!

Jun 18, 2014 by Edmund Carroll

The guides were great fun. They pitched in with the group for hikes, activities and games in the evening. But they also left us space for us to do our own thing. It was such a fun bunch of people. The food was amazing. Seriously, I had no meal that I wouldn't have been proud of in my own kitchen. I wish I could cook like that at home. How you bake lasagna or make fresh muffins on the side of a river remains a mystery! This is one of the best holidays I have ever had. We are a group of a dozen 30 year olds with action packed lives and high adrenaline hobbies. That you were able to have us exhausted by sundown every night and up early to get going every morning is testament to an incredibly well organized holiday.
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Fun Hikes!

Jun 17, 2014 by Meghan Nutting

The guides were amazing. They seemed tireless and were constantly paying attention to the needs of the group. The hikes were a lot of fun as well. The trip was absolutely amazing. I've told all of my friends about it and some are considering signing up for one in the future. The guides definitely made the experience. They were knowledgeable, patient, and thoughtful.
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Fireside Chats & River Lullabies

Jun 17, 2014 by Carol Veome

The trip was great. The trip leader Kerry Jones and the boat captains were all very competent so I always felt safe and secure. The whole group got along well. The meals were EXCELLENT and the food was plentiful. It was great to sit out after dinner chatting with everyone around the fire. Then we went off to our respective tents to fall asleep to the sounds of the river. The equipment was clean and in good condition. What a wonderful trip it was.
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The River Transformed My Grandchildren

Jun 16, 2014 by Web & Joan Golden

We brought our six grandchildren and the guides went out of their way to make sure the experience was memorable. Reaching camp early each afternoon, they took them on hikes after unloading the boats and played catch with them after dinner. The meals were fantastic with amazing menus in the middle of no-where. We wanted our six grandchildren, ranging in age from 11-21 to have the experience of a 3 day, 2 night journey on the Colorado River with Holiday River Expeditions. We knew we would not be disappointed as we have traveled with Holiday River in 1997. These kiddos who have grown up in Johnson County, KS without any previous camping experience found out how self-sufficient and independent they could be. They set up and broke down their camp sites, were able to kayak on the calm part of the river and experience the excitement of the rapids later in the trip. This was a memorable trip for all of us.
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A Tale Of Two Rivers

Jun 15, 2014 by John Sheff

The Holiday office coordinators are the friendliest people on the planet. The personal touch....that is what makes dealing with Holiday by phone so easy. There was strong leadership on our trip. I found the staff especially attentive to my food allergy problem (i.e. celiac disease) and that level of attention put me at ease. The hike to the petroglyphs up Jones Hole Creek (my second time) was very rewarding. The Lodore trip is a tale of two rivers: the damned, controlled Green River, and the undammed wild Yampa River. Having done the Yampa previously, I enjoyed the contrast of the Green merging into the Yampa. I also learned that doing the same river twice (i.e. the Yampa) is not the same experience twice: the river is never the same. The staff is just tireless and puts effort into maximizing the group's experience. Unplugged in the canyons of Utah on swift-river in an ever changing landscape: paradise!
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World Class Experience

Jun 14, 2014 by Dave Wiggins

Holiday continues to be among the top outfitters on the river. Safety, equipment, guides and meals all combine seamlessly to provide an outstanding, world class experience.
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Holiday Follows Through

Jun 14, 2014 by Aaron Kinnart

The office staff worked with our organization to design and deliver a custom program for a group of international business executives. From start to finish, I was thoroughly impressed with the organization, customer service, and professionalism of Holiday Expeditions.
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Holiday Doesn't Disappoint!

Jun 14, 2014 by Mike & Nancy Snodgrass

Great trip as we have come to expect from Holiday. Once again, Holiday does not disappoint! We had a good mix of return and new trippers and everyone had a good time.
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Professionally Handled!

Jun 13, 2014 by Kathy Hirsh

Everything was very, very professional. The guides were cheerful, charming, helpful and great cooks. The trip was so fun.
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