Floating Through Spectacular Desert Landscapes

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Park Record (Park City, UT) reporter, Amy Roberts loves to travel. And she’s a thrill seeker enjoying kayaking the Nile and  Zambezi rivers, (think crocs), swimming with great whites in  South Africa and tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda. She once was nearly sold for 2,000 camels in Morocco.  So a Utah river trip may Read More

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Park City Magazine, Summer/Fall 2011

River Time Our river friend, and Holiday River Expeditions blogger,  Peta Owens-Liston takes her  family of four beyond the Gates of Lodore on a trip where the whole family became balanced together. BY PETA OWENS-LISTON       PHOTOGRAPHS BY TROY BOMAN A four-day retreat from electronics and digital distractions would surely open up time for us all Read More

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Yoga Journal, June 2011

  GREEN AND YAMPA RIVERS, UTAH Raft through deep canyons on these river and yoga excursions, which include postrapids massage. For women only. Details: Yampa River, May and June; Green River/Lodore Canyon, June, July and August.  Info bikeraft.com

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Wasatch Woman, July 2010

According to Greek mythology, Amphitrite, a beautiful water nymph, made a big splash of a first impression on the sea god Poseidon. He immediately fell in love with her. After she spurned his personal request for marriage, he had a dolphin successfully plead his case. Tho’ they be gods, it is hard to imagine their Read More

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Shape Magazine, June 1998

  Holiday Expedition’s River Spa combines big rapids with yoga, meditation and soothing spa treatments. By Michele Meyer     I’ve never been much of a water baby.  In fact, I can’t swim. What lured me to Holiday Expedition’s women’s-only river spa trip wasn’t the Ansel Adams- inspiring cliffs and winding rivers of Idaho, but Read More

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Spirit Magazine, February 1998

  By Ellise Pierce The flier said “All- Woman Yoga Adventure Trip,” and I signed up as quickly as my fingers could dial the 800 number. “Being in beauty … is one of the most healing experiences we can give ourselves. As we integrate the mindfulness of yoga with the incredible beauty of the river, Read More

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Sunset, April 1996

Green River Reunion After 25 years, a Sunset writer and his father run Utah‘s family-friendly river again. But this time there’s a new generation along. By Ben Marks     THE DAY BEGINS WITH A THUNDERCLAP THAT just about knocks me out of bed. 3:33— hard not to notice a detail like that. I struggle Read More

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Bike Magazine Nov/Dec 1995

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

  Small People In A BIG WILD PLACE By Chris Noble, Jim & Bonnie Zellers for BIKE MAGAZINE Nov/Dec 1995 We are hurtling down a road through time. Clinging tightly to my bike as it surges and bucks like a runaway horse fleeing a cloud of bees into the very heart of Canyonlands National Park. Read More

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CondeNast Traveler, August 1992

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

    Don’t let the calm deceive you… You can reach your excitement threshold at Satan’s Gut IMAGINE YOURSELF ON A STRETCH OF THE COLORADO River that’s like a minefield. Huge exploding pyramidal waves come at you from unpredictable directions. At this point, guests are either burying their faces in the center load or looking Read More

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New Choices Magazine Feb 1994

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Returning to rafting after a bad scare years ago provides a dramatic and insightful adventure Years ago I ran a river my first and, until recently, my last. What I remember most about that event is the heart-stopping, numbing terror that took over my mind, my body and my senses as the flimsy rubber raft Read More

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