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For over a century Moab existed in obscurity, until the first mountain bikers discovered that this was the place. Today, Moab is the premier destination for mountain bikers from around the world. Our La Sal Mountain loop embodies the heart-thumping style of wilderness riding that has propelled this region to fame. Giant ponderosa pine trees stand as sentinels along the 25-mile route leading to the overlook of Fisher Valley. Day two of the trip stuns the senses as you descend 4,000 vertical feet, from alpine forests to the red rock desert at Onion Creek. Combined with two days on the Colorado River, this 4-day excursion provides the best of the best… unprecedented mountain biking and world class whitewater rafting.


  • Premier destination for mountain bikers from around the world
  • Heart-thumping style of wilderness riding
  • Excellent choice if you are short on time
  • Exciting class III & IV rapids
  • Stunning wilderness canyon with unique rock formations

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Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Reginald Akin on Blank Business Name

The 4 day excursion two day biking and two day rafting was one of the most amazing trips of all the travels I've experienced over 30 yrs of travel. The guides’ experience, knowledge and even their patience was professional. The food preparation was amazing!

by Danielle Young on Blank Business Name

All of our guides were amazing on both the biking and rafting trips! A special thanks to Dr. Dustin, thanks for taking care of my teeth. Great experience!! We absolutely loved it, the guides were excellent and were extremely knowledgeable and took great care of us. And the food that was prepared was delicious!

by Jordan Shorthouse on Blank Business Name

The trip was everything that I expected! It was great biking over amazing terrain. The guides, food and equipment were all top notch.

by Mark Garcia on Blank Business Name

The Guides were fantastic. The views were breathtaking. The pace was perfect no pressure to go any other speed than our own. The only negative comment would be that it ended! I totally recommend requesting Justin and Dustin to lead you trip they won't disappoint.

by Jim Ripley on Blank Business Name

"Best holiday ever!", says my 16 year old son. The mountain biking stretched us just enough and the rafting was a terrific contrast. Camping under the stars was unforgettable. Guides were perfect, cooking was superb and even the bugs were friendly! All of this was accomplished under a sustainable and responsible umbrella ethic.

by Michael Seltzer on Blank Business Name

The guides were excellent, friendly, knowledgeable and willing to individualize our trip. The food was incredible, well prepared, delicious and ample. My best friend and I celebrated our 40th birthday with the 4 day bike & raft trip. Going in, we had no expectations and were willing to "go with the flow". The more we let go, the better the trip was. Taking in all the experiences was what made the trip great. The river was beautiful and exhilarating and the mountain biking was top rated. It was made better by the first rate staff and gear which was provided.

by Roy Krauthamer on Blank Business Name

We booked this trip hoping for an extreme adventure of whitewater rafting and mountain biking. We more than got our money's worth. The guides were all fantastic, the food was spectacular, and the overall lifelong memories that were created are not done justice by the hundreds of pictures and videos we took. We will be back.

by Eric Alban on Blank Business Name

I love the trips with Holiday River Expeditions! I like the trips with physical output combined with the great hospitality of the guides to set up camp, cook and pack up while I enjoy some relaxation after the physical output. :)

by John Schils on Blank Business Name

The trip was wonderful. Guides blew us away with their knowledge, skill, attitude and the meals they prepared... Camping will never be the same! The food far exceeded expectations, wonderful. All meals were excellent, different and I'd have paid good money for them at a restaurant. The overall experience was out of this world! At least outside of what my known world was. I felt like I was riding mountains on Mars and then whitewater rafting... Best vacation ever! The food was excellent even for the most concerned skeptics, and we were in the middle of nowhere camping.

by Rachel Tripp on Blank Business Name

What an amazing trip! Not only were the guides experienced and caring, they were great cooks to boot! Salmon and Steak while camping?! Amazing! I can't wait to book another trip.

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