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Colorado River rafting doesn’t get much better than this! Our Westwater Canyon whitewater rafting trip takes us down a segment of the Colorado River that is magnificent and is often referred to as a miniature Grand Canyon. The beauty and grandeur of this section of the Colorado River offers memorable sights such as pristine beaches, charming side canyons, and beautiful campsites.

Westwater Canyon is a great rafting trip for those who want the beauty and thrills of a traditional Colorado River rafting vacation, and yet only have a few days available for their river rafting tour. Westwater: the ultimate two or three-day getaway.  Colorado River Rafting trips in Westwater Canyon begin in May and run through September.


  • Great introduction to river rafting trips
  • Excellent choice if you are short on time
  • Exciting class III & IV whitewater rapids
  • Stunning wilderness canyon with unique rock formations

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Average rating:  
 82 reviews
by Christina on Blank Business Name

Just finished a 3-day rafting trip through Westwater Canyon. The entire trip was excellent. Overall Holiday is amazing. They provided everything we needed. Trip was planned perfectly. Overall great company and can tell they are passionate about what they do.My Husband and I consider ourselves inexperienced when it comes to river rafting, I have been on a few trips many many years ago, and my husband had never been. This was an excellent introductory rafting trip. The first two days consisted of relatively flat (but moving) water where we enjoyed stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and just lounging on the boat. The third (and last) day ended with an exhilarating white water rafting ride through class III and IV rapids.Our guides, Tburd (Tim) and Dustin, were amazing. They were laid back, great cooks, humorous, and extremely knowledgeable of the land. I never felt unsafe. They truly are experienced with the river and the details of each of the rapids. We went down the rapids on what they called a “double rig.” Basically two large rafts strapped together side by side. This allowed for better stability when going down the rapids. Hind sight, very glad they made the decision to do that. Man were those rapids insane!The camping is extremely primitive. There is no running water and no flushing toilet. We rented camp kits (consisting of tent, sleeping bag, rain gear (didn’t rain thank god), small camp pillow, sleeping pad, and cups). The equipment is in great condition and would definitely recommend if you don’t feel like lugging your own gear while traveling.The food is top notch. Our menu consisted of steak and salmon, mashed potatoes, huge salad; fajitas, Spanish rice, beans; made-to-order omelets, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit with every meal. You get the point. We definitely did not go hungry.Unfortunately, we went right when there was a huge hatch of mosquitos. So remember to bring bug spray. And bring a TON of sunscreen!Would definitely recommend and would definitely use Holiday for another trip!

by Tim and Jenna Love on Blank Business Name

Our Westwater trip far exceeded our expectations. Ours was a small group, which allowed us to bond quickly and easily. We couldn't have asked for better weather, a better group of people or better food. We got to see many amazing animals, take several great hikes and learn so much about the area from our fantastic guides. Rocky, Sam, Jess and Erika were so knowledgeable on everything from the history to the geology, and they were great cooks to boot. I felt safe at all times and I would recommend this trip to anyone looking for an adventure, whether it's with a group of friends, co-workers or as a family. A Holiday River trip will not disappoint!

by David Capasso on Blank Business Name

When throwing money down for a guided expedition I was a little reluctant. As a backcountry professional, I do things on my own! Our Westwater Canyon trip blew my mind, as well as the performance from our guides.

by Erik Harrison & Dawn McBride on Blank Business Name

Jesse, Erica, Chet and on the final day Max were terrific hosts and guides. Not only were they incredibly knowledgeable about the river's ecosystem but they were at complete ease in chatting about a broad range of topics. Those are the interesting sorts of folks that make a trip an experience to remember for the place and the people.

by Daniel Lederer on Blank Business Name

The entire experience was amazing and the guides were perfect! They took the time to make sure everyone knew what was going on and that everyone was having fun and being safe too! The food was better than I eat at home and everyone agreed it was the best food they had had on a camping / hiking trip. The guides’ personalities were awesome and they took the time to point out things to make the trip even better than standard and really made the trip memorable! I couldn't have asked for a better trip.

by Erik Harrison & Dawn McBride on Blank Business Name

I didn't see it posted anywhere but I'm pretty sure it's a requirement to be really, really good looking in order to work for Holiday. Seriously, everyone from our shuttle driver to our guides: Jesse, Erika and Chet with Max joining us with an additional eight guests on the second day.We were in Jesse's boat for the entire trip and he was amazing. Incredibly knowledgeable about the river, its history, and the wildlife and kept us entertained with random stories. He was the consummate professional while keeping it fun. There were some ridiculously silly comments and questions made during the float and while I wanted to punch myself in the ears in an effort to block out the inanity, Jesse responded to each without an ounce of condescension.And the food? Holy hell. It was better than I eat at home, tragically. Omelets, chipotle style burritos, grilled salmon, mashed potatoes, and steak filet. I just drooled a little on my keyboard. Also, if you're on that self-deprivation wagon known as gluten free, there are yummy looking options for that as well.The one and only negative I can think of is the fact that you will have to pee in a bucket for 3 days. But unless you're expecting Holiday to provide waterproof catheters, I'd say peeing outside is pretty basic when it comes to camping.Overall, I absolutely loved the entire trip and felt overwhelmingly fortunate to get to have such an amazing experience with such a fantastic group of people. THANK YOU!!!!!!

by Jennifer Madrigal on Blank Business Name

This trip was quite a surprise. It was a Birthday trip planned by my Fiancé (bless his heart). I had never gone camping or whitewater rafting so I didn't know what to expect. It could have gone bad but as a city girl I have learned to keep my mind positive. That being said, my experience with Holiday River Expeditions was the BEST I have had in my 27 years! NEVER have I felt so in tune with nature! The guides and the outdoor experience were so memorable that describing it doesn't give it justice. You have to be there to understand the magic it held! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! I can't talk enough about how friendly and knowledgeable the staff was. How they made sure you got the BEST out of your trip. I already miss the colors of the canyons, the sound of the river and the laughter and humor of the group of strangers I had the pleasure of meeting. Would I recommend HRE? I already have! They have left me addicted to new adventures in the West! I'll be back for a second experience, third and maybe fourth.

by Nic Bax on Blank Business Name

An excellent 3-day Westwater Canyon trip gave our family the whitewater rafting experience we were looking for with guides committed to us all having a good time.

by Michael Gray on Blank Business Name

Best crew ever. The cooking was exceptional. Karen, in the office, was also unbelievably helpful. My gear stayed dry and all materials worked as they should. Everything was perfect. This was the best trip ever, no joke. The crew went above and beyond expectations. I can honestly say this experience made my decade. Thank you guys so much. We WILL be back soon.

by Colin Field on Blank Business Name

Erica, Jesse and Chet were great guides, great hosts and great cooks. I appreciated their knowledge of the local environment and particularly Jesse's hiking hints. My group had a great time.

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