Fighting the Current: Deleted Words and Depleted Rivers

Over the past decade, Oxford Junior Dictionary has weeded nature out of its words. Acorn, Apricot, Blackberry, Dandelion — the plants have wilted straight out of the text, along with their animal kin Beaver, Heron, Cheetah. Their empty posts have been taken by Broadband, MP3 player, Chatroom (tellingly, Allergy, Drought, and Endangered have also made Read More

Flow Your Own Way: Private Charter & Custom River Trips

  by Julie Trevelyan   What’s better than a river rafting trip? One that’s all about you and your specifically chosen group of fellow floaters. Got a family reunion coming up? Planning a little corporate adventure to bond your team? How about that bachelor or bachelorette party? Special class program or graduation trip you need Read More

Out of the Office & Into the Wild

Escape the Rat Race for an Epic Group Wilderness Adventure by Julie K. Trevelyan Work is an essential part of most people’s lives, and hopefully we have fulfilling work that adds depth and richness to our days. Co-workers, bosses, and employees make up a significant portion of our time on this planet. If you run Read More

The Photo Diary of a Whitewater River Rat: Part 2

By Joe Ballent Part II It’s pretty awesome to be up on Tavaputs Plateau to welcome guests to their upcoming Desolation Canyon trip after they’re flown in from Green River.  It feels like you’re touching distance from these quick little single-prop planes as they execute practiced and perfect landings atop the mighty Tavaputs.  As a Read More

The Photo Diary of a Whitewater River Rat: Part 1

By Joe Ballent Photo Diary Of A Whitewater River Rat They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and after combing through my folders of rafting photos (dating back to the ancient 2008) I’m forced to agree.  I compiled the highlight shots from a number of different trips with Holiday River Expeditions, with guests Read More

River Healing and the Strength of Spirit

  By Noel Gugliotta   I had the incredible opportunity to be a guide for a touching trip that Holiday helps sponsor every year called Burn Camp. In partnership with the University of Utah Burn Center, Holiday River Expeditions escorts a group of teenagers that have experienced severe burns to their bodies on a 6- Read More

Top Five Reasons to Sleep Under the Stars

      by Julie Trevelyan   Camping out is a huge part of a river rafting trip. It adds to the fun quotient, takes you out of your ho-hum comfort zone at home and drops you straight into the über-cool zone of outdoor adventurers, and gets you back in touch with nature.   1) Read More

Inspiring Youth Groups with River Rafting Adventures

  by Joe Ballent ~ Holiday River Expeditions Guide   “Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” Edward Abbey, champion of the American Southwest, conveyed this and many other thoughts through his evocative writing. This quote embodies the heart and soul of Holiday River Expeditions. Every time I hear the Read More

Utah River Rafting – Wild and Scenic Green River

    Originally posted in 2008, now June 2012 and the Green River has been listed as one of the top 10 Endangered rivers, #2 in fact. Please join us, Utah Rivers Council and America Rivers to help protect the Green River If you have taken a trip with us in the last four years Read More

Our Commitment to the Environment

    Holiday River Expeditions from the beginning has been active in promoting environmentally sensitive business practices. We are constantly striving to raise the bar on what we expect from ourselves as expedition operators in the wilderness as well as in our operations at the office and in the warehouse. Our commitment to the environment Read More