What’s Right With Uintah County: In Eight Parts

A market analyst once told me about God’s plan for dirt. He said it’s all well and good to talk about how special land is when I’m in a spectacular red rock national park, like Arches — but, he asserted, “other places God just stuck dirt to keep the earth from falling apart.” This wasn’t Read More

Desert Varnish: Weird Life in Wild Places

When you float down the Yampa you’re being carried on one of the West’s last wholly wild rivers. Try as the developers might, the Yampa remains undammed — the last of its kind in the entire Colorado drainage. So I mean Wild as in dinosaurs. Wild as in tigers. Dinosaur National Monument hides a particular Read More

Elders On The River; Senior Citizens Who Refuse to Miss Out

This past summer on the Yampa River, I was both inspired and humbled. Not just by the forces of the water coursing through Mother Nature’s veins during this record high water year, but by another woman. Roswitha arrived solo. Nobody knew her age, but the more we witnessed her golden attitude (“mosquitoes are small problems”) Read More

Sunset from White Rim Trail Bike Trip

GO NOW: 8 Utah Adventures To Cure Your Spring Fever

By Joe, Lauren & Karen You can see and feel the change.  Longer days, budding flowers, and that same tell-tale itch you have for getting OUT! Roofs begin to feel stifling, work days seem a bit less engaging and you need to cure the adventurous fever your running. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the whitewater, relaxation and Read More

Yampa River Whitewater Rafting Trip Review: Thanks From Hawaii!

Camping & Rafting Down The Yampa River In Dinosaur National Monument June 24 Jen, Zack, Aoki and Jason were wonderful. They were clear in their communication with the group and waited on us hand and foot, they work hard. Interesting information on the hikes, the guides know the area and concerns for the environment and Read More

Yampa River Trip Review: My Eyes Have Been Opened

A Whitewater Rafting Trip In Dinosaur National Monument On The Yampa River June 03 The guides were very informative and knowledgeable, a delight to be with. I enjoyed having experts around to answer my questions and to open my eyes to a world I knew little of. Guides of Holiday Expeditions and of the Nature Conservancy Read More

Yampa River Trip Review: Certainly An Empowering Vacation

River Rafting & Camping On The Wild Yampa River, Dinosaur National Monument May 29 Jen, our trip leader was fabulous. She was very professional, very safe and extremely knowledgeable. She has top leadership skills. Hikes were very informative. There must have been great menu planning for meals. We all had such a good time. We Read More

The 5 Best Things about the Yampa River

By Lauren Wood 1. It’s Wild!:  Spring run-off and the wild-west. On the Yampa River, everything you see, smell, touch and hear is informed by its wildness.  As one of the last truly wild rivers in the west, the Yampa flows from Steamboat Springs Colorado to its confluence with the Green River in Dinosaur National Read More

Yampa River Trip Review: Butt-Dam-Falls Is So Fun

River Rafting The Untamed Yampa River In Colorado & Utah May 19 The river bags were big enough to hold more than enough gear, but didn’t take up too much space. I went with my school and our guides; Brynn, Jen, Carrie, Nick, and Ben, were awesome. They told the best stories and Nick’s riddles Read More

Yampa River Trip Review: I Appreciate Genuinely Having Complete Trust In Our Guides

Rafting The Wild Yampa River Through Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado & Utah June 18 The gear was in great shape and the guides took great care of all the equipment during the trip. Guides were accomplished, fun, interesting, and kooky; all the very best qualities you look for when you place a cherished treasure like Read More