Top 5 Reasons to Go Idaho River Rafting!

  by Julie Trevelyan #1  Awesome rapids on the Salmon River! Gunbarrel, Devil’s Teeth, Split Rock, Bailey Falls, Big Mallard, Bodacious Bounce, Lorna’s Lulu, and more ensure plenty of fun whitewater.     #2  Great paddling sections for the kids! Flat, smooth parts of the river are perfect for the younger (or just more timid) adventurers Read More

Some rapids with your coffee?

By Derek Farr   On the Main Salmon River, we negotiate dozens of large rapids and dozens of smaller ones. But there are a few that are most notable. Alder, Black Creek, Big Mallard and Chittam are just a few. These suckers really get the blood going. And there’s no better way to start your Read More

Family River Rafting Trips: Father and Son Trip – Reconnecting on the River

  By Peta Owens Liston   When Jon Bridgford returned home to North Carolina after river rafting the Main of the Salmon River, a package from the West Coast had arrived before him.  Opening it up, still-fresh memories flashed back, and more importantly moments he had shared with his son, Keith, over five days spent Read More

Wonderful People: All of us floated the river this year. And what magic it was.

  By Derek Farr   There was a chill in the Idaho air this morning. Regrettably, the Salmon River rafting season has come to an end. The leaves are turning and the temperatures are dipping. It signals the time to hang up our oars and prepare for the cold months ahead. But looking back, I’m Read More

Family River Rafting: Connecting Family Together; How Days on the River Turns Cousins into Good Friends

  By Peta Owens Liston Connected by family ties, holiday cards, and an annual crossing of paths, was the extent my boys and their out-of-state cousins—my nieces—knew one another. After five days on the river together, this connection evolved from being acquainted with their cousins to loving their cousins. Now this foundation of friendship and Read More

Learning to Swim Again; Taking the River On as A Single-Parent-To-Be

By Peta Owens Liston “I think that I forgot that I could swim,” says Charlotte Smith*, referring to the inner-strength she found in herself while rafting the Main Salmon River this past July for 5 days. “This river trip was especially symbolic for me.” When Charlotte’s husband announced that he couldn’t make the trip—unwilling, unable Read More


  By Peta Owens-Liston   When Dee Holladay first started running rivers for guests in  the 1970s — Harold Stewart, known indelibly as Frogg for the last 55 years—was one of his early guides assisting Dee along with Kim Crumbo, Dee’s right-hand river man. An avid surfer, who came to Utah for love but ended Read More

So where did you sleep last night?

    By Derek Farr Strangely, it’s a question I often hear on our Main and Lower Salmon River trips. You see, while our guests enjoy sleeping in the comfort of a tent, our guides typically push the shuteye envelope. I wouldn’t call it “extreme sleeping,” but it’s definitely “riskier sleeping.” Perhaps our favorite place Read More

Things to do in Grangeville, ID ~ Salmon River Canyons Trip Meet-up!

    by Julie Trevelyan Heading to Grangeville for an Idaho river rafting adventure with Holiday? Plan a day or two around your trip and enjoy some area amenities to get that complete Idaho experience. Grangeville Mammoth Lions and tigers and…mammoths, oh, my? Once upon a time, these large, hairy beasts roamed the North American continent. Read More

Idaho River Rafting: The Five Reasons why Salmon River Beaches are the BEST!

    By Derek Farr 1. They’re public: Unlike Malibu where Hollywood aristocrats stake claim to the beach, the Salmon River’s beaches belong to the people of the United States of America. Period. It doesn’t matter how many corporate acquisitions you’ve orchestrated or how many Oscars you’ve won, you have as much stake to those Read More