Sacrifice Zones and The Water of White Mesa

Some of us love the desert. Even the desert that gets called by an Atomic Energy Commission official a “damn good place to dump used razor blades.” Some of us love the people of the desert. Even the people who get called by the AEC a “low-use segment of the population.” Those are my people Read More

Sunset from White Rim Trail Bike Trip

GO NOW: 8 Utah Adventures To Cure Your Spring Fever

By Joe, Lauren & Karen You can see and feel the change.  Longer days, budding flowers, and that same tell-tale itch you have for getting OUT! Roofs begin to feel stifling, work days seem a bit less engaging and you need to cure the adventurous fever your running. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the whitewater, relaxation and Read More

San Juan River Trip Review: Stellar Hikes & Activities

Utah River Rafting In The Four Corners Region On The San Juan River May 29-31, 2014 This was my first river trip and it was amazing. Our guides, Lauren and Sarah, were wonderful, the hikes and activities were amazing, and the food was terrific, everything was perfect! This was such a wonderful experience for me! Read More

San Juan River Trip Review: A One In A Million Trip

Reflecting On A Utah River Rafting Trip On The San Juan River May 17-20, 2014 All was done with a lot of heart. No complaints. Guides were so informative and knowledgeable of the area. We have made this trip 5 times now. Each time was a different experience (weather, water, guides, and knowledge). This one, Read More

San Juan River Trip Review: A First Timer’s Experience!

Utah River Rafting On The San Juan River Of The Four Corners Region May 17-20, 2014 This was my very first river rafting trip. My first time camping in over 40 years. But I did it all. A member in our group told me I should win the award for “most out of her element Read More

San Juan River Trip Review: Absolutely Life Changing

Utah River Rafting The San Juan River In the Four Corners Region June 6-9, 2014 Everything was beyond wonderful… Best trip ever! Life changing!! The best thing about the trip was the people. From the amazingly strong, knowledgeable, good humored guides, to the to the support staff, to the other guests on the trip, some Read More

Our Commitment to the Environment

    Holiday River Expeditions from the beginning has been active in promoting environmentally sensitive business practices. We are constantly striving to raise the bar on what we expect from ourselves as expedition operators in the wilderness as well as in our operations at the office and in the warehouse. Our commitment to the environment Read More

Top Five Reasons to Introduce Your Children to the Outdoors

by Julie Trevelyan Kids and the out-of-doors just seem to go together. Summer camps, fishing expeditions, river rafting trips, family camping vacations all seem like a typical part of growing up. But often kids aren’t introduced to the outdoors until they are older, sometimes not even until adulthood. As with any activity, the longer you Read More

Multi-day White Water Rafting Trips – Fun for Everyone!

  River rafting trips are a fun adventure for just about anyone! From those having no water experience, to those who have felt the heart-thumping exhilaration of a Class V rapid, Holiday River Expeditions rafting trips offer an array of new adventures for first timers to seasoned river folk  who have been on the river Read More

Family River Rafting Trips: The Family Friendly, San Juan River 3 & 4 days

by Julie Trevelyan San Juan River Rafting Floating down the San Juan River is a river rafting vacation made from sheer bliss. Family friendly rapids that are perfect for inflatable kayaking. Easy and accessible hiking to natural swimming pools and grottos. Follow the blue heron as you float through the famed Goosenecks. Explore and interpret Read More